Bonanza Park expected to be built in 2012 in S. Lake


With bids coming in higher than expected, Edgewood Companies decided to rebid the Bonanza Park project in South Lake Tahoe.

People are expected to be using the Y area park in 2012. The plan is construction will start as close to May 1 as weather allows.

Bonanza Park is expected to be a reality in 2012.

Bonanza Park is expected to be a reality in 2012.

Brandon Hill with Edgewood Companies told Lake Tahoe News a decision should be made this month regarding who the contractor will be. Two finalists are in the running. Originally the company had expected to spend about $200,000 on the nearly 1 acre park.

Hill said, “The dog park was scraped by the community and the council. We were happy to accommodate the desires on the majority of stakeholders.”

Amenities will include:

• large turf area

• walking path

• children’s play area and equipment

• half court basketball

• horseshoe toss

• picnic pods

• native demonstration plantings

• programable LED lighting

• low flow irrigation

• permanent BMPs to handle storm flows.

The park replaces an old hotel that has been demolished. Edgewood is building the park partly in exchange for tourist accommodation units that can be used at the future Edgewood Lodge.

— Kathryn Reed


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  1. tahoeadvocate says - Posted: November 4, 2011

    TAUs resulted in revenue for the city through room taxes. Now they will be used in Nevada. Instead, we get a park which will require the city to spend money on maintainence. Why didn’t the city require Edgewood to pay the maintainence, not just create the park?

  2. grannylou says - Posted: November 4, 2011

    Please be more specific about exactly where the park will be located. This is quite nebulous.

  3. Bob says - Posted: November 5, 2011

    Too bad a dog park wasn’t implemented. Noting the graffiti in that area I can imagine gangs will riddle the new park with their slogans and silly names upsetting all. I hope there is a fund set aside for the paint which will be needed to continually erase their markings. Call me negative but this park is a bad idea for that neighborhood. Dogs lifting their legs and gang tagging go together. Mark my words and see for yourself in 2012 council and community.

  4. Ex Bonanza Resident says - Posted: November 5, 2011

    Not sure which is worse. We left because of all the drug traffic, just out of jail residents and a manager who knew her friends burglarized our house and choose not to do anything about it. Lloyd Aronoff was only out for the rent and didn’t care what he did to the neighborhood. I agree with Bob, I think the park will pose problems also and ruin it for the little kids in the neighbohood who need a place to play.

  5. Judi says - Posted: November 5, 2011

    Very sad… maybe a police-training pod should be included in the plan. And partnered with a community training pod. Dog parks (even if small) should always be included in today’s park-planning. I am a former Park & Rec Commissioner from a different area, but know important they have become to community!

  6. Brandon Hill says - Posted: November 7, 2011

    Edgewood Companies is excited to deliver on its commitment to the community by providing the Bonanza Neighborhood Park at no cost to the City. This will be a gift which is valued at more than half a million dollars. Just by way of clarification: 1) The TAUs authorized for transfer were non-productive for the City of South Lake Tahoe, producing no revenue in their final year of operation. They will become productive tax producing TAUs as part of the Edgewood Lodge Project, producing and estimated $1.8 Million annually in transient occupancy taxes. Those taxes will in very large measure, go to fund the Lake Tahoe Visitor’s Authority, promoting tourism on both sides of the state line. 2) Edgewood was very optimistic that the park could be initiated (not necessarily completed) this fall back in June when the TAU transfer authorization occurred. Since that time delays associated with regulatory design approval, permitting, bidding, and the October 15th grading deadline have pushed the start of construction off to the spring of 2012. It was much more than just a matter of re-bidding. 3) As far as the argument that the park is a bad idea because there is a potential it could get tagged by graffiti or become a hang-out for undesirables; isn’t this, the reason why communities tear down the source of blight and illicit criminal activity. Such as was the case with the former C&M Lodge, to replace it with a vibrant neighborhood park is exactly what the majority of the community and neighbors wanted. Will the police department and neighbors need to be vigilant about inappropriate activity? Absolutely, but the bottom line is that the new park will be replacing a historic source of blight and illicit criminal behavior with beautiful open space and a place for the neighborhood to come together and create a greater sense of community. Let’s see this with a glass half full and hope that it serves as catalytic source of revitalization for the neighborhood.