Federal grand jury indicts Poland


South Lake Tahoe police Officer Johnny Poland was indicted Thursday by a federal grand jury on four similar counts to what he was charged with last month.

Three counts relate to tampering with a witness, victim or informant, and one count deal with obstruction of an official proceeding. He could be sent to prison for 20 years on each count if he were found guilty.

Johnny Poland

For now, he is out on bond. He is on unpaid leave from the department. Poland had been receiving a check up until the date of his arrest Jan.23.

Poland is scheduled to be arraigned Feb. 14 in U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

Here is a copy of the Poland indictment.

 — Lake Tahoe News staff report



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  1. 4-mer-usmc says - Posted: February 7, 2013

    I guess the idea that he could do anything he wanted “Because I Can” no longer applies. While he may think his soul belongs to God, I don’t think he’ll want his a** to eventually belong to Bubba. It wouldn’t surprise me if this guy skips before the arraignment.

  2. Raina Silva says - Posted: February 7, 2013

    How strange that some many other allegations didn’t make it into an indictment. He isn’t running. Policemen are still people and people make mistakes. He also did great things for the kids at the high school. He risked his job to help a kid that made a dumb mistake that would have got him expelled and probably jailed. Will no one stand by him?

  3. Snow says - Posted: February 7, 2013

    Raina, with all due respect, did you read the complaint filed by the FBI? If you read it entirely, I’m sure that you found it upsetting on many levels, with respect to many incidents.

    “Policemen are still people, and make mistakes.” This is true, but Johnny Poland took that phrase to a whole new level. His “mistakes” appear to stem from a chronic and disturbing problem.

    There are reasons why the “pedophiliac, etc” incidents are not in that particular indictment. I hope that they will be addressed.

    No doubt that J. Poland may have helped (in a positive way) some students. As far as the “dumb mistake” incident, the jury is still out, although he did get his job back for whatever reason. At that point, he probably should have “taken the money and run”. Ego and arrogance can be dangerous.

  4. Raina silva says - Posted: February 7, 2013

    I am aware of the allegations. Johnny is not a pedophile, though it seems he is being painted that way. I am not so naive to think that he is innocent but I have known this man most of my life and there are certain particulars that keep me from believing that he was “grooming young girls for sex”. It’s just not so.

    I understand that when reading a laundry list of charges that took years to compile it can appear compelling. The Johnny Poland I knew was not capable of the most disturbing allegations made against him and so I stand by him until proven wrong. I stand by him, not hiding behind a username. I stand by him as someone who has made many of her own poor choices.
    I believe that he is guilty of charges for which he was indicted. I believe he will pay the price for his poor choices. I do not believe that my glass house can withstand a stoning and therefore reserve judgment until evidence has been presented and testimony has been heard.

  5. Dan Wilvers says - Posted: February 8, 2013

    Well stated Raina, I too know of my glass house.
    It’s a good place from which to walk through life, IMHO.

  6. Aaron says - Posted: February 8, 2013


    your response is very typical of people who can’t begin to fathom that someone who they thought they knew so well could be capable of being a ‘pedophile’.

    He may not be a pedophile in the sense that he is out stalking young children, but the truth is, if those girls were under the age of 18 (18 being the consenting age in California) then by legal definition he is a pedophile.

    What incentive do the Feds have to trump up false allegations? FYI, the Federal Prosecuter in the case handles sex/pedophile crimes. I doubt she would be involved if not for the findings in their investigation.

    Your support and your denial is typical in that pedohiles are master manipulators and can fool just about anyone. Even you.

    If their evidence is factual, this man is capable of anything.

    I’ve made plenty of mistakes in my life as well. But I can tell you that I have never EVER preyed on children. I don’t need to live in a glass house to look through it with common sense. Sorry, but you don’t get to compare your bad choices to charges of pedophilia.

    The process will play out and if he is found guilty, his justice will come….in Federal Prison…among inmates.

    I don’t support people who prey on children.

    Aaron Pettijohn

  7. Raina silva says - Posted: February 8, 2013

    It is possible that the man I know is only one side of his whole person. However, in reading the FBI complaint at least 2 young women who made claims against him were facing drug charges and hoping for leniency. I see no evidence that leads me believe that these accusations are valid. All I see questionable sources and a lack of a for indictment on the most egregious of accusations. I am not naive, but also not above being manipulated. As a parent of teenagers I could no sooner tolerate a pedophile than you could. If it turns out that he is in fact guilty of sex with underage girls or had used his position at the high school to gain access to potential sexual partners than I have been fooled and I will regret making a stand for him. In the meantime accused does not equal guilty and this man has family, children here that don’t need to read about their father being a pedophile.There is enough to handle with what is known to be true.

    Just remember, accused is not guilty.