Prime piece of real estate for sale at Lake Tahoe

By Kathryn Reed

Kingsbury Middle School is officially for sale. The asking price is $4 million.

The Douglas County School District board agreed to sell the parcel and buildings at its Jan. 10 meeting. This was one of many votes during the last few years about the closed site.

Not enough students forced the closures of KMS. Now it's for sale. Photo/LTN file

The 36,000-square-foot school sits on 10 acres of pristine lake ridge property above Lake Village in Stateline.

Greg Felton told the board that property like this doesn’t come along that often and if the district’s circumstances were to change, it may be impossible to buy land at Lake Tahoe.

“He was right,” Superintendent Lisa Noonan told Lake Tahoe News after the meeting.

But Noonan added, “This was a carefully considered process. We’ve looked at projections, at the enrollment trends. The board feels we owe it to the students and district to go forward. (The money) goes to capital projects that do help children in the district.”

The board is expected to look at any offers at its April 10 3:30pm meeting at Zephyr Cove.

“If there are no buyers, then we have to look at fixing up Kingsbury and having a lease arrangement,” Noonan said.


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  1. Steven says - Posted: January 15, 2012

    Isn’t that hotly debated housing project just below the school also? Maybe those developers can buy and develope the school instead of the original property. Leave the original property as open space and the school project could stay hidden from view. Maybe the Tahoe Conservancy would buy the original property to insure it stays as open space.