Feud threatens to topple iconic Tahoe City sculpture

John Betts’ sculputure at the Y in Tahoe City. Photo/TTD

By Tony Bizjak, Sacramento Bee

For decades, a muscular sculpture of three leaping, gape-mouthed trout has perched at the entrance to Lake Tahoe’s west shore in Tahoe City, offering homage to the alpine basin’s wildlife and its natural environment.

Now, the artwork is days from extinction. Crews this week will disassemble it and place It in a warehouse indefinitely, perhaps permanently, even though no one really wants it to happen.

The problem: The artist who created the 20-foot-tall piece and local transportation officials are feuding.

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    1. The Irish Wahini says - Posted: May 15, 2018

      The artist is shooting himself in the foot…. The transportation officials offered to reinstall it as the centerpiece in the round-about, because that construction is going to happen — and there is no way there is $8M to pay the artist to purchase the piece. Guess Mr. Betts will have an $8M piece of art in his own back yard, and something else will replace his historical piece to welcome folks to Tahoe City. Stubborn and self-serving…

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