Letter: Make your voice heard regarding SnowGlobe

To the community,

I want to thank all of you for your support and empathy. Over the last few days I have gotten handshakes, hugs, phone calls and kudos from both friends and strangers. I appreciate that you let me know that you have the same opinion toward SnowGlobe that I do.

Again, while I appreciate you letting me know, our best bet is to let the City Council and city manager know. Below are the emails of your elected officials. Please let them know how you feel — yay or nay.

We just have to be louder than SnowGlobe.


Nancy Kerry: [email protected]
Tom Davis: [email protected]
Austin Sass: [email protected]
Brooke Laine: [email protected]
Jason Collin: [email protected]
Wendy David: [email protected]

Again, let them know.

John Spinola, South Lake Tahoe

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    1. Irish Wahini says - Posted: January 10, 2018

      To John Spinola & all others who may want to email the City Council: There is a new City of SLT Email Address that groups the entire Council into one address now. It is :
      [email protected]
      I requested the City Manager to have this done for “efficiency” (why enter all those email addresses), as they do this in other cities. I think I requested that the City Clerk & City Manager be included in this group address – but I can’t remember. So, I left a detailed message with Tracy Frankel/Sheldon @ 530-542-6093 to please advise.

      In the meantime – put the new group email address for City Council Members in your Contacts!