Letter: EDC VHR moratorium a good idea

Publisher’s note: This letter was sent to the El Dorado County Board of Supervisors and copied to Lake Tahoe News.

Hi Supervisors Sue Novasel and Mike Rinalli,

I understand that you are considering a 45-day moratorium on issuing new vacation home rental permits. I support such a moratorium or prefer an even longer one so that the county can improve its existing ordinances and provide increased inspections and compliance assurance/enforcement.

Lauri Kemper

I am a 33-year resident and homeowner in El Dorado County/Lake Tahoe Basin and only recently have become increasingly taxed to perform surveillance and regular scolding of vacation renters in my neighborhood to comply with the current laws on trespassing, noise, trash, and parking. I have also called the sheriff. The disruptions and trespasses harm my ability to enjoy the peace and tranquility of my property and neighborhood.

I urge you to work with county staff to improve your ordinances to make it easier for the county to take enforcement actions. At the same time, increase fees to fund inspections and surveillance to ensure compliance with the law.

I understand an increasing number of applications for vacation rentals is being received and processed by the county likely due to a fear of a moratorium or other financial fears. I think a moratorium allows time to develop a more sustainable approach that includes incentives to property owners to provide long term rentals since it has become difficult for newcomers with great jobs to find housing in the Tahoe basin.

Please support a moratorium and work to improve the quality of the lives of the county’s permanent residents. Please let me know your position in this matter.

Thank you for considering a moratorium and a stricter ordinance along with resources for compliance assurance.


Lauri Kemper, Meyers

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