Letter: Yoga group gives back to community

To the community,

A gold star for outstanding Adopt A Day of Nourishment volunteer service goes to Still Water Yoga. This limber and very kind and thoughtful group of women was a joy to have hosting Bread & Broth’s July 24 meal. 

To Karen Eberlin, Shannon Liebel, Lucy McLaughlin, Susan Glasson and Liz Norman, B&B would like to thank you and would love to have your yoga group back any time.

The $250 donated for the sponsorship meal enabled the B&B cooks to offer pulled pork and roast beef sandwiches, broccoli, cole slaw, and fruit salad on the evening’s menu.

In addition to serving the meals to the dinner guests, the Still Water Yoga crew helped bag fruits, vegetables, dairy products and baked goods to send home with the diners to help supplement meals later in the week.  

At the end of meal, this hardworking crew helped the B&B volunteers with the meal’s breakdown and cleanup.

“It was a pleasure to be able to help serve the community,” said Shannon Liebel. “Thank you for being so organized and allowing us this opportunity.”  

B&B is so pleased to have the support and help of our community partners like Still Water Yoga who take this opportunity to help ease hunger and improve the lives of those in need.

To partner with B&B as a donor or sponsor, contact me at 530.542.2876 or [email protected]

Carol Gerard, Bread & Broth

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