S. Lake Tahoe McDonald’s starting from scratch

It won’t exactly be supersized, but the new McDonald’s at the Y in South Lake Tahoe will be modern.

It’s not just a remodel, it’s a whole new building. The 40-year-old structure is being taken down and by September the new restaurant should be open.

From the outside the facade is intended to have a more Tahoe feel. An additional drive-through lane is designed to reduce the back up in the parking area. Emissions from idling vehicles is one reason the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency no longer allows new drive throughs. The two lanes will cut down on that idle time. To accommodate the two lanes the kids’ play area will be a things of the past.

Bob Humason, who owns both McDonald’s franchises in town, is allowing most of the Y employees to work at the restaurant on the edge of Linear Park for the summer.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report


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    1. Michael B. Clark says - Posted: May 18, 2017

      What an odd memory. I remember connecting the phones up for the “brand-new McDonalds”, right next to the theater. Now there is going to be another “brand-new” McDonald’s at the same location. Weird. Time sure flies…