Study: Snow soaks up toxic air pollutants


By Jacqueline Howard, Huffington Post

A team of scientists recently revealed that snow in urban areas can absorb the same toxic and carcinogenic pollutants that come from car exhaust. The interaction of pollutants with cold elements and freezing temperatures in snow might even cause the release of new compounds, according to Parisa Ariya, professor of chemistry and atmospheric sciences at McGill University in Canada, who led the research.

“Snow flakes are ice particles with various types of surfaces, including several active sites, that can absorb various gaseous or particulate pollutants,” she told the Huffington Post. “As a mother who is an atmospheric physical chemist, I definitely do not suggest my young kids to eat snow in urban areas in general.”

The researchers analyzed how snow interacts with exhaust-derived particles and pollutants by putting both snow and exhaust fumes in a chamber. After examining the chemical reactions that took place, the researchers discovered that snow was efficient at removing pollutant particles from the air.

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  1. Isee says - Posted: January 21, 2016

    This is no surprise. It all ends-up in the soil and the water. Anyone else notice how the sky was painted/striped, Geoengineering style last night. It spread out by 10ish and turned a sunny day into an overcast day. THEY are obviously experimenting with the idea that dispersants can keep the snow from melting by creating a false cloud layer. Too bad we know that the heavy metals they are using are really bad for life of all kinds. We need to be ‘up in arms’, so to speak over this ongoing experiment. The damage that is done can be found by going to Feel free to join me by calling or e-mailing our representatives, the President, the Governor and demand a stop to this as it is slowly killing all of us.

  2. Ann says - Posted: January 21, 2016

    I saw the spraying this morning in Zephyr Cove!

  3. billy the mountain says - Posted: January 21, 2016


  4. rock4tahoe says - Posted: January 21, 2016

    Isee. Geoengineering is a hoax.

    a. There is a big difference between “contrails” and “chemtrails.”

    b. There is a big difference between the smog from automobiles and industrial pollution and the small amount of any “dispersants” that could be possibly be released via a single aircraft, even a large cargo plane.

    c. The Oceans of Earth are acidifying due to CO2, not phantom “chemtrails.”

  5. Isee says - Posted: January 21, 2016

    150 patents do not exist for no reason.

  6. Garry Bowen says - Posted: January 22, 2016

    Geoengineering creates a modern-day ‘Gold Rush’ – what one generation got by exploiting/extracting the Earth below is now, for some, the incentive for “mining the sky”, but above is alluded to the fact that even if snow absorbs pollutants, it is then cumulatively left in the groundwater, without neutralizing its’ toxicity to the entire food chain. . .

    The cumulative part merely adds to ‘rock4tahoe’, in adding further build-up unsafe to a future. . .as it is not dispersed

  7. rock4tahoe says - Posted: January 23, 2016

    Garry. Sorry, but again one plane versus the smokes stacks and tailpipes from America, India and China are NO CONTEST. The “big” picture.

    If you want to find “Geoengineering” via contrails, it may be found near the Yeti in Roswell. LOL!

  8. billy the mountain says - Posted: January 23, 2016

    You have never seen a “chemtrail”.

  9. Sandy Myron says - Posted: January 31, 2016

    Rock4tahoe – There are numerous scholarly articles on Geoengineering aka chemtrails.

    Geoengineering is sold as Solar Radiation Management.

    The case for climate engineering is about as absurd as when the US military used agent orange to quell the enemy in Vietnam.
    Agent Orange was one of a class of color-coded herbicides that U.S. forces sprayed over the rural landscape in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 to defoliate trees and shrubs and kill food crops that were providing cover and food to opposition forces