El Dorado County DA, auditor face recall

pierson-harnBy Kathryn Reed

A group of residents is trying to recall El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson and Auditor-Controller Joe Harn.

The county elections department on Dec. 14 expects to give the petitioners approval to move forward with the process.

To start the process 20 valid signatures from registered voters had to be obtained for each elected official. Some of the signees have a history with Pierson and Harn, like Cris Alarcon who was prosecuted by Pierson and Kelly Webb who Harn questioned if she were suitable for the IT job at the county that she no longer has.

Pierson and Harn easily won re-election in November 2014.

Now the groups have 160 days to obtain approximately 10,625 valid signatures. If those are secured, then an election – at the taxpayers’ expense – will be called.

These recalls are in addition the five Board of Supervisors who are being recalled. Signatures are being sought for them.

On the petition against Pierson it says in part: “We the voters are seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials who have engaged in malfeasant acts and corrupt practices, including, but not limited to: Abusing the power and resources of office to pursue criminal prosecutions and civil litigation against innocent persons and businesses for personal and political reasons, such as, generating career building publicity and punishing political enemies.”

Harn’s petition says in part: “We the voters are seeking relief from the tyranny of our elected officials who have engaged in malfeasant acts and corrupt practices, including, but not limited to: Failure to make authorized payments for reasons of personal and political motivation in violation of California State Penal Code Sections 424 and 425.”

Pierson told Lake Tahoe News, “This group of imbeciles is costing the taxpayers money for something that has no real likelihood of success. If it is successful, it will cost the taxpayers a fortune.”

Pierson and Harn had the opportunity to write a 200-word response to the petition. Those words have to be circulated with the full petition when seeking the 10,625 signatures.

The DA used most of his allotment to go after Alarcon: “After serving as chair of the county Charter Review Committee, Cris Alarcon was stopped by a sheriff’s deputy. Alarcon gave the deputy an Arizona license and claimed to be an Arizona resident. The plate tag on his car was stolen from his elderly neighbor. His wife admitted he did it to avoid license and registration. My office convicted him of multiple charges, including receiving stolen property, driving on a revoked license and false registration. Last year I was re-elected by a margin of 3 to 1. My opponent, a Placer County resident, claimed to live with Alarcon. Now this vengeful criminal seeks to waste thousands of your tax dollars on this bogus recall campaign. Don’t be conned by this criminal!”

Harn told Lake Tahoe News, “Being county auditor-controller is a lot like being an umpire. I do my best to call the balls and strikes fairly. I don’t vote on the budget. I don’t write county policies. I don’t write state law regarding county spending. I do have a duty to point out cases where the county attempts to spend money in violation of our policies or state law. Occasionally people get mad at the umpire. I am not surprised that there are 20 people who want me out of office.”

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    Comments (8)
    1. Carl Ribaudo says - Posted: December 13, 2015

      A total waste of time and money along with the recall of the 5 supervisors. This should all be taken care of at the ballot box.

    2. Joe says - Posted: December 13, 2015

      Having been a law enforcement officer in El Dorado County for the last 15 years, I can tell you that District Attorney Vern Pierson is the best DA this county has had in a long time. This is a huge waste of taxpayer money and a distraction to fighting crime.

    3. Bitter says - Posted: December 14, 2015

      Kelly Webb is a “she” not “he”, although the mistake is entirely understandable.

    4. Ty says - Posted: December 14, 2015

      Vern Pierson is total scum and he double dips by also being the County IT Director. Cops like him because he support their perjury in the corrupt court. Pierson wasted a ton of money of the Ray Nutting scandal and many more political retaliation schemes. The whole DA office is very, very corrupt and needs a house cleaning.

    5. rock4tahoe says - Posted: December 17, 2015

      Carl. I agree with you on this one.

    6. Cris Alarcon says - Posted: December 17, 2015

      “His wife admitted he did it to avoid license and registration” is an outright lie. Also, It was not “After serving as chair of the county Charter Review Committee” but after returning from a Mitt Romney event in Reno and dropping off a rental car. I was using a friend’s car, as mine was in the shop. I guess he would have added that if he had more than 200 words, Not. But really this is just a distraction from what he has done to Judge Dylan Sullivan.

    7. Missy Smart says - Posted: December 22, 2015

      Where can I sign the peitions?

    8. Answerman says - Posted: December 22, 2015

      The Petitions for the Recall of the 5 Supervisors are found at EDCTotalRecall.Org