El Dorado County seats 2013-14 grand jury

El Dorado County is going to have a grand jury for 2013-14.

This is the time of year when the annual grand jury report is usually released. But there won’t be one because the grand jury fell apart earlier this year.

This coming grand jury will be under the leadership of El Dorado County Superior Court Judge Doug Phimister. They operate from July 1-June 30.

The grand jury members are:

Neil Cunningham (foreman), Kathleen Amaru, Robert Dailey, Mark Doyle, Wendy Hagel, David Hall, James Kern, Ann Lee, Linda Lim, Chuck MacLean, Rebecca Martinez, Robert Noyes, Lawrence Oreskes, Thom Orth, Susan Rayburn, Laura Rosio, Janet Saitman, Al Wooden, and Colleen Young.

The alternates are:

Catherine Close, Billy Garrett, Michael Gross, Michael Johnson, Susan Johnson, Paul Kramer Jr., Jeannie Ott, Thomas Simpson and Ken Steers.

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