Tahoe Keys working on erosion near pier

Tahoe Keys Property Owners Association is planning to stabilize the south side of the homeowners’ pier with a combination of sheet pile wall, boulders and clean sand.  

“The revetment will prevent further erosion of the shoreline from lake waves when the lake level is high,” Doug Smith with the Lahontan Regional Water Quality Control Board told Lake Tahoe News.

This state agency must approve this project in South Lake Tahoe.

The sheet pile and boulder placement is expected to be a one-time installation.

“The clean sand wedge in front of the wall and boulder revetment is ‘dynamic’ because it is expected to change shape as it absorbs the incoming wave energy, thus reducing the erosion potential. If the lake remains at high levels, the dynamic sand wedge may need to be replenished, but that is not expected for several years, maybe 10 years or so,” Smith said.

Any time sand needs to brought in, a permit from Lahontan is required. 

— Lake Tahoe News staff report

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