Some Styrofoam products to be outlawed in SLT

By Lake Tahoe News

Starting this summer there should be a whole lot less Styrofoam in South Lake Tahoe.

The City Council this month gave direction to staff to come back with an ordinance that would limit the use of polystyrene by businesses in town.

The product, which does not decompose, not only adds to landfills, but can be a further environmental hazard when small pieces look like food to animals.

The ban will affect restaurants the most, though many are already using to-go containers that are biodegradable. Some are compostable.

The presentation by Tracy Sheldon showed that switching the product should not be a huge financial burden to eateries.

Restaurants and other eating establishments will also have to ask people if they want a straw or plastic utensils, instead of automatically bringing it to the table or putting it in the to-go bag.

The council also opted to disallow the sales of coolers made with polystyrene.

The city for several years has had a policy in place through the special events permit that prohibits polystyrene. That remains intact.

The ordinance is expected to be presented to the council in March so it can be adopted in time before the summer tourist season.

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