Letter: How to combat unruly VHR renters

To the community,

In recent years much has been written about the battle locals are waging against VHRs that destroy the peace of their neighborhoods. Although I have read most of what has been written, the following is a perspective I have not seen. 

As an owner of long term rentals, I know if there is a problem at our property that, ultimately, the buck stops with me. Not with my property manager, but with me. 

California Civil Code guarantees residents the right to the peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their homes. Several recent lawsuits have been settled in favor of citizens who have had the peace of their homes destroyed by a nearby party house or other disruption. 

It seems that locals here who have lost their quiet homes because VHRs have taken over their neighborhoods, could consider this alternative to complaining endlessly to the rental agencies:

  • Carefully document with video and photos the disruptions you endure.
  • Call law enforcement and document that too.
  • Buy a book on small claims court procedure so you know the proper steps to take to make a complaint.
  • Learn who owns the VHR that is a problem by calling the Tax Assessors Office.
  • File your complaint. There are no attorneys in small claims court so you don’t need to worry about the costs of a regular lawsuit. You can be awarded up to $10,000 for your damages including the stress and suffering you have endured.These complaints are being seem more and more in small claims court.  You won’t be alone.

Perhaps if we hold responsible the owners of the properties that have invaded our neighborhoods, we will see a more serious effort to uphold California law and allow locals to enjoy their homes quietly,  peacefully and lawfully.

It’s time for VHR owners to stop hiding behind their management companies.

Carla Ennis, Tahoe Paradise

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    Comments (2)
    1. Cautious and Skeptical says - Posted: January 8, 2018

      Refreshing to have a VHR owner tell it like it is and provide solutions for folks that have recurring issues.

      The buck stops with the homeowner. It may take a little more effort than people are willing by having to document the issue and file a legitimate complaint but well worth the results for a more peaceful home-life.

    2. Irish Wahini says - Posted: January 8, 2018

      The author has LONG TERM RENTALS, not vacation rentals – however, they can be just as problematic! I suffered almost a year with nightmare long-term Renters next door, called the Fire Dept several times because they had unattended bonfires, loud parties until 4am, 15 cars parked for the one unit…. On & on. I finally contacted the owner and had a civil discussion with him, but advised him I would continue to complain and told him the Fire Dept had his property on a high-alert status. Finally the owner sold the place, and my new neighbors are nice & quiet. It’s not just the VHRs!