North Shore film series features surfing in Iceland

Third installment of the 12th annual Alpenglow Sports Winter Film Series features Chris Burkard and his show “Under an Arctic Sky.”

At 7pm on Jan. 4 at Squaw Valley’s Olympic Lodge guests will get a taste of what it’s like surfing in the fjords of northern Iceland during the largest storm in 25 years.

Along with six surfers and filmmaker Ben Weiland, Burkard traveled to Iceland’s Hornstrandir Nature Reserve to seek out unknown swells under the glow of the northern lights. Chartering a boat, the crew departed from Isafjodur during the largest storm to hit the northern coast in a quarter century. Though treacherous for travel, to a surfer, storms signal the chance to ride legendary swells.

The crew was at the mercy of nature, so when the weather forced the team to sail back to land, they took to the road. Facing the brutality of winter in Iceland, the crew found that uncertainty is the best ingredient for discovering the unimaginable.

Burkard is one of the premier adventure photographers on the planet.

The event is free. Prizes from industry sponsors are raffled off at each show to raise money for local nonprofits.

Doors open at 6:15pm and an early arrival is encouraged in order to assure good seating. Fireside Pizza Co. will be on hand.

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