Letter: Bring back clean mountain air

To the community,

The United States Forest Service admits it has mismanaged our forests for the past 30 years. Now they are experimenting with massive daily burn projects, while concealing and refusing to discuss their serious impact on our health. The general public does not realize that the USFS no longer tries to extinguish wildfires, but are actually turning wildfires into massive prescribed burns.

The surgeon general has determined that smoke is so hazardous to your health that it has banned indoor smoking, yet we must endure breathing the smoke by the USFS. Prescribed burns do not burn hot enough for the smoke to rise. Instead the smoke spreads along the ground infiltrating our lungs, lives and homes. If you are experiencing chest pain, arthritis, inflammation, headaches, burning eyes, sinus problems and breathing difficulties, it may well be that prescribed burns are the cause.

The USFS will not even discuss how seriously they are effecting our health, but run slick ads which try to brain wash the public that prescribed burns are the only solution. To learn how prescribed burning is effecting your health and methods of safer forest management go to Prescribed Burning Versus Human Health – YouTube.

To sign and email a moratorium request to halt prescribed burning for one year until the USFS can develop a plan that will not jeopardize human health go online and look for the Urgent-Stop the burning link in red.

Marsha Honn, Snowflake, Ariz.

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