Free ash cans for Tahoe Douglas service area

While fire can heat a home and provide comfort, it is also be an extremely destructive force. 

That is why it is important to let ash cool and then dispose of it in a safe manner. The Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District has partnered with Kingsbury Hardware to provide ash cans to the homeowners of the district. This program is available free of charge to residents of the district who use a wood burning appliance to heat their homes.

To obtain a free ash can, ho log online, then under Prevention print out an ash can voucher. Vouchers are also available at Station 23 in Round Hill across from Safeway. Completed vouchers can be exchanged for an ash can at Kingsbury Hardware while supplies last.

Full ash cans can be dumped at TDFPD Station No. 23, on Elks Point Road in the rear parking lot in a bright red dumpster.

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