Openly transgender Nev. guardsman unsure what’s next

By Mike Higdon, Reno Gazette-Journal

Sam Hunt

About a month ago, the Nevada Army National Guard published an article exploring the life of Sgt. Sam Hunt, who began his military career in 2009 as a woman and started to transition to a man in 2015.

Once the Department of Defense lifted the ban stopping openly transgender people from serving in the military last summer, Hunt began working toward officially changing his gender.

“People referred to me as a man before my military career and throughout much of my early service before the transgender ban was lifted,” Hunt wrote in a provided statement on Wednesday. “When President Obama removed the ban last year, I felt I could openly serve as a man.”

That plan was put into question on Wednesday when President Trump wrote on Twitter that he wants to ban transgender people from serving in the military in any way — affecting the lives of an estimated 6,000 service members like Hunt.

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