Heavenly coaster suffers substantive damage

Snow damage has the coaster at Heavenly offline this summer. Photo/LTN file

Heavenly Mountain Resort’s coaster is out of commission because Mother Nature did a number on it last winter.

“They were shoveling looking for the coaster like archaeologists. They were probing for the track,” Rachelle Atherton with the resort told Lake Tahoe News. “There was pretty significant damage. It is currently under repair.”

The record snow load was too much for the metal contraption.

There is no definitive date when it will be running again. Maybe Labor Day weekend.

The coaster debuted last summer as part of the multitude of Epic Discovery offerings at the top of the gondola. It’s like a mini roller coaster, but it is mostly close to the ground. It goes through the woods and has views of Lake Tahoe.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report

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