No report on CTC board’s evaluation of leader

Patrick Wright

KINGS BEACH – The California Tahoe Conservancy for the first time in four years decided to give Executive Director Patrick Wright a performance review.

The board members spent 2½ hours in closed session in the middle of the June 15 meeting to do the review. This was while many CTC staff members mulled about – on the clock – and the public was kept waiting for the rest of the agenda items to be heard.

Board member Larry Sevinson was absent.

The board had asked staff what they thought about their leader, but that information has not been released to the public.

Wright has been a lightning rod in recent years. His interactions with agencies in the Tahoe basin have been criticized by many.

At the end of the closed session it was reported that no action was taken other than for the board to meet with Wright again in six months. What incentives or directives he may have been given to improve have not been disclosed.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report

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