Letter: Important to say yes to SLT roads

To the community,

South Lake Tahoe City Council will be placing a road improvement measure on the upcoming Nov. 7 ballot. If passed, this one-half cent sales tax measure would provide approximately $2.5 million annually that could only be used to fund the repairs that our aging roads in South Lake Tahoe desperately need.

Passage of the road improvement measure would mean fixing potholes and cracks, and also paving, maintaining, repairing and rebuilding local streets and roads. This measure will improve roadway safety for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists by making essential road repairs and adding bike lanes and sidewalks, where possible. We need this measure in order to provide safe routes to schools for local school children. Repaired roads will ensure ambulances, fire trucks, police cars and other emergency vehicles can respond to emergencies quickly and safely. Additionally, improved roads will reduce the fine sediment that enters Lake Tahoe, and improves lake clarity and water quality.

Accountability protections will include a citizens’ oversight committee and independent audits that will ensure funds are spent as required by the law. No funds could be taken by the City Council or the state or used for any other purpose by the City Council now or in the future.

The city is strictly prohibited from paying for the campaign to pass this important measure. Because a 66.7 percent yes vote is required to win, a flawless campaign is essential. A recent survey of voters shows that the measure can pass. Everyone wants our roads fixed once and for all.

An aggressive campaign with a robust budget for direct mail, lawn signs and a strong grassroots effort to reach voters in our community is needed. With your donation, we can succeed in passing this Measure to fix our roads and improve roadway safety for automobilists, pedestrians, children and limit the cost of car repairs due to potholes and cracks.

Residents for Better Roads is a grassroots organization of local volunteers and community leaders that have come together to spearhead this effort. The committee’s goal is to raise $50,000 to run this campaign.

Leon Malhed and Jerry Bindel, campaign co-chairs for Residents for Better Roads

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  1. don't give up says - Posted: June 19, 2017

    Come on now. Mechanics need the business of replacing shocks and other suspension components. And what is wrong from a few blown tires from some of the more mature potholes. This measure shows the extreme selfishness of a partisan few.
    All kidding aside, it has become dangerous to ride motorcycles at night dues to road irregularities.
    This measure is vitally needed both for our local folks and the much needed tourists.