TDPUD removing potentially dangerous trees, limbs

Truckee Donner Public Utility District has resumed its tree trimming program for the season.

The district has spent nearly $2.5 million in the past decade to remove trees and branches near power lines.

Trees growing into power lines or falling during storms creates the risk of fire and power outages. The TDPUD trims or removes trees to maintain the required clearance between the TDPUD’s energized power lines and vegetation. TDPUD maintains trees for approximately 134 miles of the overhead power lines that they operate and follows a set tree trimming calendar cycle.

Trimming and maintaining the health of trees on private property, including trees near the secondary overhead power line connected to homes and businesses, is the property owners’ responsibility. TDPUD, if called and requested, will de-energize the secondary power line at no charge while the property owner does this work.

Call the TDPUD at 530.587.3896 with any questions or concerns regarding tree trimming.

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