Editorial: Nevada has a chance to set an example

Publisher’s note: This editorial is from the Jan. 2, 2017, Las Vegas Sun.

The 2016 election created anxiety among many Americans, but Nevadans have reason to be hopeful about state politics as 2017 gets under way.

With a moderate Republican governor and Democratic majorities in both chambers of the Legislature, Nevada is poised to stand its ground against a wave of anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment that arose during the presidential campaign and is now rolling across several states.

Already, it’s clear that the divisive extremism of the nation’s president-elect and his cronies is rooting itself in some state capitals. In Montana, lawmakers have filed about a dozen bill requests related to refugees, immigration and terrorism, the Associated Press reported, even though the state had taken in only nine refugee families from January through early December 2016. And more such legislation is expected in other states.

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