El Dorado County’s top lawyer resigns


Sixteen months after coming on board as El Dorado County’s chief lawyer Robyn Drivon is leaving.

The Board of Supervisors accepted her resignation on Dec. 15.

Robyn Drivon

Robyn Drivon

Drivon started as El Dorado’s county counsel in September 2014. Her last day is Jan. 8. She is going to work for Sacramento County starting Jan. 10 as their county counsel. She will be making $215,043 plus benefits of $80,944 for a total of $295,987.

Because the two counties are in different retirement systems Drivon is actually retiring from El Dorado County. She is eligible for double dipping, like interim CAO Larry Combs. She will get about $100,000 from the Public Employees Retirement System while getting paid by Sac County.

Drivon’s annual salary in El Dorado County is $196,560.

Michael Ciccozzi, deputy county counsel, will be the interim county counsel. Currently he is acting assistant chief administrative officer. Combs is recruiting for a permanent assistant CAO.

The departure adds to the county’s vacancies at the upper echelon.

Per state law, county counsels serve four-year terms.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report


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Comments (10)
  1. Steve buttling says - Posted: December 16, 2015

    So is she going to receive $100,000:00 annually for retirement from el dorado county, after only working for 16 months .w t f ?
    I must be mis interpreting the information in the article ?????

  2. admin says - Posted: December 16, 2015

    She has contributed to PERS through jobs at other counties.

    LTN staff

  3. Steve buttling says - Posted: December 16, 2015

    Thankyou for clearing that one, still a nice retirement pkg.

  4. John McDougall says - Posted: December 16, 2015

    For those that retire and collect Social Security they are limited to how much they can make after retirement. Making to much creates a significant penalty if they make to much money. It’s interesting how public employees that we pay for get all of these special privileges that the average taxpayer has no chance of receiving.

    This is one case where the boss (We the people) make less money and benefits than the people we are paying.

  5. Louis says - Posted: December 16, 2015

    John, you are forgetting something. Social Security is not to fund a fantasy retirement, filled with exotic sports cars, and a palace. It was established because old people were dying of starvation and of the cold, so that’s all its meant to take care of, starvation and to pay for a small utility bill.

    I had a business professor (Phd) once explain SS to me another way. Its a tax, its not something you put into for your retirement, its a tax. Thus it is a pyramid scheme where the young are on the bottom paying up to feed the old, hoping to live long enough to collect. But the problem is now that people are living longer and slowly the pyramid is getting flipped upside down.

    I’d also point out that statistically a very experienced successful lawyer brings in 500k a year. Publicly employed ones make half that because they get that secured retirement. Thus the 100k in retirement is great for the public in the short term. However, if she lives to be 100…

  6. Dogula says - Posted: December 17, 2015

    Ah, but the key is, “a very experienced successful lawyer. . . ”
    Any idea how many lawyers there are in California? And how many of them actually qualify as experienced and successful? There are a LOT of crummy lawyers out there, and even a few really good ones, who don’t make squat for money in the private sector. Too dang many of ’em. Public sector is much more secure for the mediocre.

  7. Garry Bowen says - Posted: December 17, 2015


    This statement of yours “For those that retire and collect Social Security they are limited to how much they can make after retirement” is incorrect, as that has been changed, and has been for years now. . .

    Now that people are, as is said, living longer, the ‘extra’ they can make is not limited any more. . .they will receive the amount they were supposed to under SS. . .status quo is easier to meet. . .

  8. Cranky Gerald says - Posted: December 17, 2015

    The revolving door at the top in El Dorado County swings again. We are a disaster of significant proportions, and I believe the proof of this is in the fact that no matter who is brought in to run county departments and work solve the various issues and divisiveness seem to quickly determine that there is no solution and move on.

    No matter how shiny the skin of this apple is waxed and polished, it seems to be rotten at the core. It boils down to money I think, and a growing realization that whoever is at the helm when the reality of bankruptcy, legal or literal is obvious, they will go down with the ship.

    The solution tried so far of growth to inflate the tax base by continued building and development clearly has limitations, and barring some more significant upturn in the economy I question who is going to be able to afford the McMansions and keep the mall lights on, while still feeding themselves and their families.

    In a national (even global) situation where success is seen as a constant 3 percent growth in GNP, all the while seemingly ignoring that the earth is finite and we may have already screwed it up beyond repair.

    Can anyone explain to me how this fits in with the concept of sustainability which we now shout from all the podiums and roof tops?

    In the US particularly, nearly ceasing the various activities that literally made us great in favor of forcing them to other less developed parts of the world where they are cheaper to produce with less controls on how they are done, and where we cannot see nor smell them, we have signed our own economic death warrants.

  9. Justice says - Posted: December 17, 2015

    This county has a long history of turmoil and turnover and power struggles. This isn’t new. The balance of power and positions in this county shifts every few years but some old factions remain. The budget is what has suffered from the hands of a few incompetents lately. Nationally, the practice of outsourcing to the cheapest labor market has indeed killed many industries and massive numbers of jobs in the country and the companies that do it are so numerous that buying anything made here is now hard to do. Yet the left wants more foreign labor brought in, more unchecked refugees, and wide open borders, these are all job killers and giant welfare increases. People should always try to buy US made products and along those lines try to not hire any company that uses illegals that are also killing jobs for legal citizens.

  10. rock4tahoe says - Posted: December 17, 2015

    Justn@ss. “The left” wants more foreign labor brought in. Businesses hire these people… so all the businesses are “left?” Better recheck your logic there.

    And yes, I do drive an American car.