Letter: Making a difference at Mt. Tallac High

To the community,

As we quickly approach the start of the new school year, there is great excitement and anticipation for the developing Career Technical Education (CTE) Pathways throughout the Lake Tahoe Unified School District for all students designed to lead to rewarding careers.

As an alternative choice school in the district, Mt. Tallac High School has been working closely with our community and is implementing Phase II of our School to Career Pathways program. Similar to the world renowned Homeboy Industries of Los Angeles, we believe the business of second chances is everyone’s business.  We recognize and embrace the fact that many of the Mt. Tallac students choose to stay in Lake Tahoe making up a large portion of our community work force and therefore, we have designed our program to meet the needs of our local community.

With the launch of Phase I of the school to career program last year, we incorporated a student time clock, community day, and various guest speakers from local businesses. This year we are adding certificates of skill, internships, and job placements to create a seamless transition from school to work.

We are thrilled to have South Tahoe Refuse as our partner in education, internship, and job placement as appropriate, and we are optimistic this model will expand to other local businesses interested in working with as we grow our school to career partnerships.

Holly Greenough, Mt. Tallac High School director




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    Comments (2)
    1. Irish Wahini says - Posted: August 31, 2015

      Wonderful! Alternative education programs work very well in the Bay Area! My “old” high school boyfriend left high school & attended John O’Connell Trade School in SF and ended up as an Executive for Zelinsky Painting Company! Auto mechanics is important, as is health care.

    2. nature bats last says - Posted: August 31, 2015

      There are just some kids that cant function in a traditional school setting and having an alternative opens the doors for those people. Back in the 70’s our community had a alternative high school and so many of the students went on to be very successful in their lives. Mt. Tallac High is a wonderful asset for our kids and the staff are so dedicated to seeing these students succeed. THANKS!!!