El Dorado County political operative arrested


Updated April 21 2:43pm:

A one-time worker for the El Dorado County’s Republican Party who has worked on numerous political campaigns has been arrested on felony willful infliction of corporal injury of a cohabitant charges.

Rodney Stanhope, 47, is married, but the alleged victim was not his wife. The Placerville resident was arrested earlier this month.

Stanhope was a paid consultant on the failed Mike Owen for county auditor campaign in 2014. Stanhope also worked on the campaigns of disgraced former Supervisor Ray Nutting, Sheriff John D’Agostini, Rep. Tom McClintock, and Assemblywoman Beth Gaines. In 2011, Stanhope represented Gaines at a campaign function.

Most recently, Stanhope was working with the Dave Pratt’s 2016 supervisorial campaign.

This is not Stanhope’s first run-in with the law. In 2009, a Central Valley couple sought a restraining order to stop Stanhope from, among other things, harassing their 14-year-old daughter. In 2012, a Pollock Pines woman sought a restraining order to stop Stanhope from sending her threatening text messages.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report



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  1. michael lee says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    I guess the bullying GOP is alive and prospering in El dorado county.

  2. Hmmm... says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    Sounds like a real winner.

  3. reloman says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    As much as this reported and others would like to make it, this is not about political party. Violenc, and domestic violence knows no party llines, if it did the blue states wouldn’t have any.

  4. Justice says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    This guy should have gotten the hint when Nutting was arrested and convicted and removed that his and their days as a merry band of lawless political operatives and fools were over in this county. He apparently didn’t then, but he is getting the message now, and there are some of his cronies who need the same treatment until the message is received that it is time for some jail cells and for the others, time to hit the road back home where they can crawl under their old rocks.

  5. nature bats last says - Posted: April 20, 2015


  6. Old Long Skiis says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    El Dorado political operative arrestted.
    Birds of a feather flock together. OLS

  7. Dogula says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    At least he wasn’t running guns to islamic fighters like a certain Democrat state senator.
    90% of them are crooked, regardless of the letter after their names. You shouldn’t let the media determine what you think. They aren’t lookin’ out for YOUR interests. The sooner you learn that, the better off you’ll be.

  8. Justice says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    These lawless members of a gang of fools, not a party because no party wants them, calling themselves operatives did fool a number of candidates into hiring them for some years for dirty campaigns and these fake websites for hit pieces. This is a west slope gang and they were exposed with Nutting although some were hired to work on the developer lies campaign to defeat the managed growth petitions last fall and some were hired for other campaigns, but their days are numbered and they are not going to be employed much in the future if people are aware.

  9. Dogula says - Posted: April 20, 2015

    Justice, if you think the Rs are any more virtuous than the Ds, you are sadly mistaken. They ARE quicker to admit their sins and cast out their miscreants. But there are just as many of them in BOTH parties. Especially the closer you get to the top.

  10. A Woman for Justice says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    Dogula, or is it Chris or Mike or Ray , this is Rodney’s MO, go after the women. He and you were bound to hit a witch sooner or later. I have paid for the misfortune of being associated with one of Rodney’s political opponents, now it is your turn. The women in your lives should run for cover. You are all doomed.

  11. A Woman for Truth says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    Thank you for the information, however the reality is that Stanhope is a nobody, in the GOP as well as in county politics. Name me one campaign he has ever won?

  12. admin says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    We have updated the story based on this email that was just sent to LTN from Ken Steers: In regards to your story titled El Dorado County political operative arrested, in particular Rodney Stanhope was never the executive director of the El Dorado County Republican Central Committee. I understand that he tells people this but in fact that is a lie. He was hired and paid as temporary office help during campaign season for a few months.

    His embellishing the position has caused great angst and embarrassment over the years. I would know because I was Chair of the Republican Party and I personally hired Mr. Stanhope.

  13. copper says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    If I ever tell anyone that I’ve been even remotely active in the Republican Party, I guarantee it will be a lie. Although I did date a Republican when I was in high school. Needless to say, it didn’t last.

  14. Justice says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    For laughs, people should do a basic net search on the self proclaimed political consultant Stanhope. If half of what is out there is true, this guy has been lucky to be out of jail for a long time. That luck looks like it has run out.

  15. A Woman for Justice says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    Cackle, see his twitter for a good one around 2/14/15. Must be the Alarcon eggs.

  16. Kari says - Posted: April 21, 2015

    I would really be interested in asking the El Dorado County Sheriff WHY he ignored everything that Stanhope did, illegally. Let’s see, where do I begin… Driving under the influence,, WITh his stepson in the car. drug activity, driving on a suspended license, tax liens, working for campaigns and getting paid, yet not paying taxes, not paying child support … the list goes on and on… I know they are “buddies” but at some point as a public servant, HE should NOT be turning his back and hoping it will all go away. D’Agostini has been asked this question, but it has gone ignored… And he has deleted those who have asked off of his FB. Now that is something… Makes one wonder what Stanhope has on him, eh? Sheriff, you owe those of use who sadly voted for you, an explanation!
    The Tea Baggers follow Stanhope like he’s the pied piper….
    PS Stanhope was NEVER hired as Exec Director.