High winds knock out power in Tahoe, Truckee


Updated 1:45pm:

  • Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and the East Fork Fire District are responding to numerous calls of down power lines and flying debris from this current wind event. Genoa Lane, Muller Lane and Tolar Road are closed due to fires ignited by down power lines.
  • Truckee Fire Department was working a small brush fire near Donner Pass Road and Church Street. There are no structures or neighborhoods being threatened at this time.  The fire is contained by fire crews.
  • Truckee police, fire, and public works are actively working to clear roadways following numerous down trees and power lines. There are numerous areas without power. Keep away from any power lines. Call Nevada County dispatch at 530.550.2320 to report down trees or power lines.


Hundreds of people in the Lake Tahoe Basin woke up in the dark Friday morning because they are without power.

Liberty Utilities, which operates on the California side, is dealing with a wire down on Highway 89 near Fallen Leaf Lake. This is affecting that enclave, Camp Richardson, Spring Creek and the Cascade Lake area.

Another 25 customers near Tata Lane are without electricity because of a broken pole. Homes in the North Upper Truckee area are also in the dark.

NV Energy, which operates on the Nevada side, is reporting 15 outages affecting 200 customers, including people in Douglas County.

There is no estimated time when power will be restored for any of these customers.

A high wind warning from the National Weather Service in Reno remains in effect for the Lake Tahoe Basin through 4am Saturday. Rain is in the forecast through Sunday, with snow coming Monday.


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Comments (9)
  1. Mama Bear says - Posted: February 6, 2015

    I thought I might wake up in Munchkinland with a Wicked Witch under my house. I had to take a look to see if my roof was still on my house. Holy Cow!

  2. gigguy says - Posted: February 6, 2015

    No kidding, Mama Bear! I bailed from the 2nd story bedroom to the couch. I thought I was back on Maui in a typhoon. Higher winds are coming so batten down the hatches and bring in wood ’cause the power is bound to go out.

  3. TahoeMom says - Posted: February 6, 2015

    Lost a tree last night, missed the house by a few inches. Incredible sound, woke me up in time to watch it fall. Will definitely be staying away from the windows today!

  4. Old Long Skiis says - Posted: February 6, 2015

    Yes, the wind is a whippin! Power out twice here in sierra tract. Man, those pines are a movin’. Hold on,as it may get worse before the storm hits us …if it does.So often these storms break up before they even get here and we are left with no snow or rain.
    Lets hope we get something from the sky other than wind. The wind blows!
    Old Long Skiis with a rental cabin coming up for rent once it’s fixed up. I’ve owned the place for over 40 years. Small 2 bedroom cabin with fenced backyard, dogs okay. Rent is $750 a month and you have to live next to the crabby old guy next door ….me! No garage but a small storage shed out in the back. Call if you’re interested.
    OLS or Bob ,if you prefer, at 544-0760

  5. tahoeanhiker says - Posted: February 6, 2015

    snow just started …with the wind. could get interesting with the amount of precip forecasted

  6. nature bats last says - Posted: February 6, 2015

    Hey, whats that white stuff coming out of the sky? SNOW, Yippee! Maybe we will get something measurable. A 4 foot dump would be good…

  7. oldtimer says - Posted: February 7, 2015

    If you get a 4 foot dump the snow removal service will be your next complaint because the City is not able to handle that kind of storm anymore since they got rid of all of there experienced operators.

  8. Old Long Skiis says - Posted: February 7, 2015

    Oldtimer, I believe you’re right. A big dump of snow and the city does’nt have enough plow operators left to clear the streets in a timely fashion. We’ve got the equipment, but just not enough of a crew left to operate all of it.
    The firing of so many city workers was done in the name of “balancing the budget”. I Understand that. Altho, I believe it was done abit misguided. But looking back on it all those years ago, one of the ideas was to provide better snow removal along with other city services
    Is’nt that why we formed a city back in 1965? To have city services do what they were hired to do and now they are reduced to a skeleton crew? All departments reduced to the point where they are trying to provide services with fewer people filling in for those tossed out.
    Oldtimer, If we should be so fortunate as to get a few big dumps of snow we will be in a bad way road wise!
    Make sure the 4-wd is still workin’. Take care, OLS

  9. nature bats last says - Posted: February 7, 2015

    All I was wishing for was a good snow dump, not a debate about city services. If we got a dump (which we didnt) it wouldnt hurt my feelings to be stuck at home for a day or two. As for city services…..