$24 mil. overhaul of MontBleu casino-hotel

Suites at MontBleu are more contemporary. Photos/Provided

Suites at MontBleu are more contemporary. Photos/Provided

By Kathryn Reed

Even though MontBleu has been around for more than nine years, remnants of when the hotel-casino was Caesars Tahoe still exist. But those are all about to disappear with a $24 million remodel of the Stateline property.

“The rooms have not been touched since the Caesars days. It was the mid- to late-’90s since anyone did anything to the rooms. Some of the rooms have Caesars’ logos in them,” General Manager Steve Ditchkus told Lake Tahoe News.

Each of the 401 rooms, plus the 36 suites, is practically being gutted. A Tahoe-esque feel is being incorporated with all of the wood that is being used, along with neutral colors.

For a society that needs to be plugged in even on vacation, the rooms will be wired with multiple outlets.

Flat screen TVs are being added. The headboards, nightstands and other furniture are new.

Bathrooms are also getting a much-needed overhaul, with such improvements as walk-in showers. New vanities and fixtures are coming.

Mountain modern is the overall theme.

Gone are all references to Caesars Tahoe.

Gone are all references to Caesars Tahoe.

Ditchkus said the price of rooms will go up, but how much has not been decided. That’s one of the things he plans to discuss with his bosses when he’s in Las Vegas this week.

The remodel is designed to cater to what Ditchkus calls their demographic – “the avid gambler from the Bay Area.” This is why the 45,000-square-foot casino floor and showroom are also getting a face-lift.

While carpet was laid when the property changed hands, it is time to be replaced. Ditchkus calls the new carpet, which is in, “elegant”.

Several televisions will be added to the box office.

The showroom – which has Caesars pillars – will get new carpet and tables. The bars are going to be revamped so they are easier to access.

“It will have a new look and a new feel,” Ditchkus said. The showroom should be done by Christmas.

The sports book is going to move to the Zone Bar side, with the bar being redone. Outside upgrades are also in the works, including painting the building, redoing the parking lot and porte cochere.

MontBleu, while it has had outdoor concerts in recent summers, is staying away from that concept and instead is letting Harveys and the future Hard Rock capture that market. Outdoor festivals like this year’s craft beer and crawfish events are what MontBleu plans to do more of.

No changes are planned for the restaurants.

MontBleu is an Edgewood Companies property. The lease with Las Vegas-based Tropicana Entertainment, which operates the hotel-casino, expires in 2028. Ditchkus said it is too soon to know what will happen when that date arrives, but added negotiations are always ongoing with the landlords.


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Comments (12)
  1. Old Long Skiis says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    Glad to see that old casino, Mount Blue is getting some upgrades, it sure needed it, as did the old one across the hiway being rebuilt.
    Hope they are using local workers and following by the local enviroumental rules as far as dirt being moved after a certain date, Or maybe they got an “exceptions and/or extentions” for the building season, that happens alot around here! Enough money passed around to the appropriiate agencies and you can do whatever you damm well please in good old So. Lake Tahoe! OLS

    casino was gettin’ abit old

  2. Map says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    Just what I thought would happen. Competition will get these guys to upgrade Hard Rock will be good for the community. MB How embarrassing that the rooms have not been upgraded since the 90’s. Talk about taking your customer base for granted. That is why gaming is down in Tahoe. Why stay at a dump.

    Harrah’s will be next. How about an updated facade. And MB. HOW ABOUT A NEW marquee.

  3. Face Lift says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    How about putting a nice restaurant on the top floor so people can enjoy the view. We do not have enough lake view dining areas on south shore. I know the views are amazing from the top floor of mt blu….better than the other casinos because nothing obstructs the view.

  4. Ryan Payne says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    This is GREAT NEWS! So nice to see progress here, but it seems somewhat odd to let Harvey’s and Hard Rock ‘capture’ such a lucrative market as the entire live music biz…

    There is enough to go around when you consider everyone loves music. I have seen some great shows there at Montbleu’s outdoor concert area and their showroom. A diverse selection of venues will keep crowds of people here for days with Dj’s and smaller acts in the clubs after shows and big acts. Don’t get me wrong: Beer, food, and wine is important but don’t give up on the music!

    Ps. A new marquee seems like it should be pretty high on the list too. Those mismatched letters have to go.

  5. Mama Bear says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    All this while they are laying off long time employees. Way to go MontBleu!!

  6. 4-mer-usmc says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    I think it’s very good news that a large, South Shore located business/employer is committing to a $24 million investment of their own money so they can better compete with other tourist destinations, attract a caliber of visitor that has discretionary money to spend, and ultimately bring greater economic prosperity to Douglas County, NV. Hopefully some of that economic spillover will trickle into SLT, CA but more than likely some of the good people of SLT will be their usual critical selves, will be unwilling to pay for any investments/improvements in our own town, and really won’t want anything to change. Douglas County will get the cake which is only right since they purchased it, and SLT’s residents will ensure that our City gets the crumbs.

    When ones mantra is “that’s good enough”, they never aspire to anything better.

  7. KATHY says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    All know Hard Rock will be very crowded ,and the Monte Bleu will go under as it already has.Poor Monte bleu, Never won always lost,boo whooooooo.Very poor place.

  8. ljames says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    some one else commented on the quote:
    “The rooms have not been touched since the Caesars days. It was the mid- to late-’90s since anyone did anything to the rooms. Some of the rooms have Caesars’ logos in them”

    I don’t know how a spokesman for the company thinking for more than a second or two thought that was a comment that would endear them to potential customers. And not upgrading or remodeling in some 20 years certainly does highlight the general thinking of our local business culture.

  9. rock4tahoe says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    OMG! Stop the presses! The Park Tahoe is being worked on! But the building is over 3 stories tall! Won’t somebody out in Meyers complain? LOL!

  10. rebel with a cause says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    Harrah’s and Harvey’s have always been the two most successful Hotel/Casinos in the past. Hopefully, the improvements of a Hard Rock Hotel Casino and the improvements at the MountBleu will not only create more jobs, but will force Harrah’s/Harvey’s to improve their properties.

    It has been a very long time, if ever, since South Lake Tahoe has had four quality properties on the Nevada side at the same time.

    Let’s hope these upgrades are beneficial to our community.

  11. Fifty year resident says - Posted: November 3, 2014

    Harrah’s and Harvey’s I think not at least at this time they are broke and on the verge of bankruptcy.

  12. Parker says - Posted: November 3, 2014


    They wouldn’t be investing $24mil. if they weren’t doing well. You invest more in something when you’re already getting a positive return!

    Good to see gaming is still profitable in Tahoe even though many were predicting its demise with the growth of Indian Gaming.

    Horizon getting millions poured in to become a Hard Rock, Montbleu reinvesting millions. Hopefully Harrah’s/Harveys will be announcing something next?!