Water testing on July 4 could set world record

On July 4, volunteers participating in the Tahoe Nearshore Dippers program aim to set a world record for Lake Tahoe.

In an effort to raise awareness of changing conditions in Tahoe’s near shore clarity, volunteers will be asking beachgoers around the lake to help take a quick clarity measurement and set a world record for the most measurements taken on one lake in one day.

Friends of the West Shore hope the program will help raise awareness about the importance of protecting Tahoe’s near shore.

Volunteers from FOWS will be coordinating with other communities around the lake to host measurement sites on the same day. FOWS will provide the equipment and training, and post the measurements to the national Secchi program’s website and FOWS’ website.

For more information or to volunteer to take a measurement, go online or email Jennifer Quashnick at [email protected]

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