Tiny bear cub being cared for at LTWC

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care got custody of this bear cub on April 15. Photos/DanThriftPhotography.com

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care got custody of this bear cub on April 15. Photos/DanThriftPhotography.com

By Kathryn Reed

Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care is caring for a healthy bear cub after it was first dropped off at the Bear League.

The little girl, about 2 months old and weighing 5.4 pounds, was discovered by Ann Bryant of the Bear League on April 15. The bear was in one of the cages she keeps out front of the West Shore-based animal group’s offices. No note, no contact info – nothing was left with her.

Officials hope someone will call to say where the cub was found. Speculation is she was a twin or triplet, so if the mother was killed, it’s possible other cubs are wandering around.

She is healthy.

She is small, but healthy.

“She is healthy. She is not emaciated. She’s a little dehydrated, but not enough to be worried about,” Tom Millham with LTWC told Lake Tahoe News.

She has a little rash, which veterinarian Kevin Willitts took samples of, as well as some blood. Those have been sent to the lab for testing.

This is the second smallest cub LTWC has received. The smallest weighed in at 4.5 pounds. It, too, arrived on April 15 – but that was about seven years ago.

The South Shore animal rehab center usually doesn’t see bears until June.

And normally the center has a lull in between bears because January and February is the usual time to release the animals back into the wild. But because there was no snow this year that didn’t happen.

Instead, the three bears LTWC has rehabbed will be released by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife on April 23. They came from Truckee, Meeks Bay and Heavenly. At this time it is not known where they will be released.

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  1. TahoeKaren says - Posted: April 17, 2014

    Thank you once again to Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care for all the good work you do. This little lady stands a great chance of having a full life. And thank you to the person or persons who brought her to Ann Bryant. If she had been left alone she surely would have perished.