Letter: Community creates successful anti-drug message


To the community,

Thank you to the many agencies, service clubs, public organizations, and volunteers who helped with the 11th annual Drug Store Project event on April 1 at Lake Tahoe Community College.

Drug Store Project teaches consequences of drug use. Photo/JCV Photography

Drug Store Project teaches consequences of drug use. Photo/JCV Photography

Our 300 sixth-grade students had the assistance of 220 volunteers to send a clear message that they are valued. Teaching our youth about the dangers of drugs; marijuana, alcohol, tobacco, e-cigarettes, over-the-counter as well as prescriptive medications, gets more challenging each year as states provide new legislation and products such as e-cigarettes are packaged to entice minors.

The 50-plus groups that provided for this program strongly believe that a difference can be made for our kids. Collectively we believe that if youth are provided knowledge about what effects drugs have on the body, the mind, family and social life, productivity, and overall positive life experiences, that many more will choose not to experiment and not to participate in drug use. If we can collectively put off the “age of onset” experimentation, then we can see a difference for our youth. Less drug use means less demand. Less demand is less costly in lives and in all facets of economics.

I’d like to extend my gratitude to the following entities: Barton Health, Barton Health Foundation, California Conservation Corps, California Department of Health Care Services, California Highway Patrol, Calstar, Diamond Valley School, Douglas County Search and Rescue, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office, Drug Free Community Grant, El Dorado Community Foundation, El Dorado County District Attorney’s Office, El Dorado County Mental Health, El Dorado County Probation, El Dorado County Public Defenders Office, El Dorado County Public Health, El Dorado County Search and Rescue-Tahoe Team, El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, EDSO Sherriff’s Team of Active Retirees, El Dorado County Superior Court, JCV Photography, Joint Task Force Domestic Support-CD, Harrah’s Harveys Lake Tahoe, Harrah’s HEROS Program, Kiwanis Club of Lake Tahoe, Kiwanis Club of Lake Tahoe Sunrisers, Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra, Lake Tahoe Community College, Lake Tahoe Resort, Lake Tahoe Unified School District, Lake Valley Fire Protection District, Lake Valley Firefighters Association, McFarlane Mortuary, Narconon of Northern Nevada, Optimist Club of Lake Tahoe, Partnership of Community Resources, Pro Leisure, Rotary Club of South Lake Tahoe, Sierra Community Church, Soroptimist International of South Lake Tahoe, Soroptimist International of Tahoe Sierra, South Lake Tahoe Fire Department, South Lake Tahoe Police Department, SLTPD-Explorers, SLTPD-K9, South Lake Tahoe Police Officers Association, South Tahoe Drug Free Coalition, South Tahoe High School, STMS Junior S Club, STMS Club Live, St. Theresa School, Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District, Tahoe-Douglas Rotary Club, Tahoe Turning Point, Tahoe Youth & Family Services, Zephyr Cove Elementary, and community volunteers.

Thank you for your time and your effort.


Lisa Huard, Drug Store Project coordinator


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Comments (9)
  1. Chief Slowroller says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    what are you doing about the Heroin Problem at the High School?

  2. Arod says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    These programs are a complete failure. Look at the DARE program. Drug use continues to rise. I do not know what the answer is but I see no change in behavior only the drugs change.

  3. Marie Foster says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    My husband and I along with members of the Kiwanis Club of Tahoe Sierra and all the volunteers that keep coming back for the Drug Store Project year after year do so and for good reason. We happen to believe that the children in our community are worth it. We happen to believe that they are worth vesting a few hours of our day in to talk about the dangers of drugs. Watching the faces on these kids and listening to their comments we happen to believe that this project is anything but a waste of time. Thank God we have Lisa Huard and her 200 some volunteers that believe in our kids. If the Drug Store Project is instrumental in keeping just one of these kids from turning to drugs then the project did its job. Lisa, please continue to do what you are doing and we look forward to volunteering again next year.

  4. go figure says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    Arod is wrong. This program is not a failure. My 6th grade son came home to tell me about what happened and how he felt about the information that was presented. We talk often about these issues with him and he tells us what he hears at school. He and his peers are very ready to hear about this subject as he hears some pretty disturbing things about drug use and sex at middle. School lunch area. I would much rather have a child with knowledge making his choices than an ignorant child. Dont know what Arods problem is but as a parent it is nice to have a community and school who care a out my sons future.

  5. Hmmm... says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    Knowledge is power.

  6. John S says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    Chief Slowroller — It looks like they are trying to educate the kids about drugs before they get to the High School. Also are you aware that the admins and teachers at the High School are constantly looking for drug abuse signs. There is also 3 security guards there 5 days a week and a cop-on-campus there 3 days a week. So tell me…what are you doing? Are you volunteering like the people listed above or are you just complaining from your keyboard.

    Arod — That’s like saying there shouldn’t be a law against murder because people still murder.

    Some people are trying to help and all you both do is complain about it.

    /not meant to come across as snarky or mean. Just an observation

  7. Perry R. Obray says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    Switzerland has decriminalized heroin, apparently the police consider this a success. Swiss almost certainly have a better quality of life than this country.

  8. Chief Slowroller says - Posted: April 3, 2014

    Yo John I am doing my part.

    making you and everyone else aware that their is a problem in the HIGH SCHOOL and every where else in our Town.

    as you probably do not know that my Daughter in Law was one of the 26 children who died in the 18 month time period that was reported in this paper a while back.

    the rest of the children who are dying never make the paper.

  9. John S says - Posted: April 4, 2014

    Chief Slowroller — I am aware that there is a drug problem in this town. Most everyone in this town knows there is a drug problem here (actually it’s everywhere) Drugs are not new to this area.

    My condolences on your loss.