Reunion for employees, fans of Horizon

A reunion for those who worked or played at the Del Webb Sahara Tahoe, High Sierra, and Horizon casinos will be Aug. 24.

Opened originally in 1965 as Del Webb’s Sahara Tahoe, this property used to bring in top-notch performers like Elvis Presley.

It was rebranded in 1983 with a Western theme, the property changed names and became the Del Webb’s High Sierra Hotel.

In 1990 it became a Columbia Sussex property and was rebranded as the Horizon Casino Resort.

Anyone who was a former executive, employee, customer, or fan is invited to the reunion. The $20 tickets are available at the door, and include a dinner buffet and entertainment. A cash bar will be available. Bring old photos, T-shirts, souvenirs, and memorabilia to share.

The event will be at the pool at the Horizon from 4-8pm.

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Comments (8)
  1. Bob says - Posted: August 9, 2013

    What a concept. Pay $20 to talk with ex-employees who were layed off from the same employer. I got to remember that one.

  2. Squawllywood says - Posted: August 9, 2013

    I remember the old Sahara Tahoe vividly. It was a smashing success. My wife saw Elvis perform there. Their buffet was incredible. The slot machines were fantastic, and the hotel was first rate. What the hell happened to that place?

  3. Mama Bear says - Posted: August 9, 2013

    Same thing that has happened to all of the casinos…corporate greed and the bottom line. I, too, used to love to go to the casinos. I came up from the Bay Area at least twice a year before moving here in the mid-70’s. The lights, the sounds, quarters dropping into trays (couldn’t afford dollars in those days), the shows and, oh, the buffets. You could eat good food to your heart’s content for $3.99! Now I don’t even set foot in them other than the Horizon if I am going to a movie. The Good Old Days are long gone.

  4. Marsha Draper says - Posted: August 10, 2013

    Is this the last hurrah before the doors are closed completely?

  5. Dan Murray says - Posted: August 10, 2013

    Think I read a while back that the Horizon lease is up in June, 2014, so wouldn’t be too surprised if that was the end.

    I’ve stayed there off and on during ski season for the past ten years and have noticed things getting quieter and quieter. The last several years, only one of the two towers were open for lodging. This year, the guy that did valet parking every since I can remember was gone and valet parking is now self parking only. The casual restaurant was only open on Fridays through Sundays. One night, I looked into the casino area and saw absolutely no one, not even employees on the floor.
    Starbucks was open,but they probably had to be by contract.

  6. tahoeadvocate says - Posted: August 10, 2013

    Check with Edgewood (ala Park Cattle) to see what will happen. How does it integrate into the plan for the 5 star resort on the golf course and the overall vision for Stateline.

  7. MTT says - Posted: August 10, 2013

    I just see the horizon as a failed experiment.

    seems they were going for that Clean no smoking high end kinda place, and it turned into boring sterile empty. the high rollers don’t even check in there during the Celebrity Classic.

    I what mega corp will buy it up?

  8. Reloman says - Posted: August 10, 2013

    Horizons problem is that no one wants to invest any money into increasing business if they will be losing the lease in I believe April of next year. I am sure Edgewood has plans on what they will be doing with it. But it does not sound like they will be shutting it down as at one point they were going to use the tourism accommodation units from the Horizon on their new development at the golf course. Instead they purchased some TAU from Colony Inn and C & M.