K’s Kitchen: Begging for a recipe

By Kathryn Reed

One of the fun things about going to dinner where everyone is asked to bring something is that there will be a variety of food.

k's kitchenSuch was the case last week. Everyone was asked to bring an appetizer. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to come up with something original. But others did. And that was a yummy treat.

Renee’s beet dish was incredible. I asked her if I could have the recipe. She said she doesn’t have one. Just throw X, Y and Z together. I wasn’t letting her get away with that.

I begged a bit and that worked because she sent me directions. While I  haven’t made them yet, I can tell you they are super tasty. Below is what Renee emailed.

Roasted Golden Beets

Roast golden beets in oven. (I started with some water; halfway through added olive oil.) About an hour, 400 degrees.

Cool and cut up beets.

Add diced red onion, tomato and fresh basil.

Add salt, pepper, garlic, olive oil, toss.

Taste and adjust spices.

Add fresh lemon juice.


Chill some.

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