Prison for SLT man who drew gun; Mo’s beating case lingers

South Lake Tahoe resident Scott Enerson is expected to spend seven years in prison after pulling a gun on a fellow patron at Whiskey Dick’s bar.

Enerson has pleaded guilty to assault with a firearm in the June 2012 incident. The enhancement to the felony charge is what is sending him to state prison.

Formal sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 21 in El Dorado County Superior Court.

The Whiskey Dick’s incident came two weeks after the beating of Derek “Zippy” Penaranda at Mo’s Place. Penaranda died in October from his injuries. No charges have ever been filed in the case.

“The investigation and review of the matter at Mo’s Place is continuing, but I am not at liberty to make any further comment about that situation at this time,” El Dorado County Assistant District Attorney Hans Uthe told Lake Tahoe News.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report