S. Tahoe police disclose attempted rape 1 month after incident


By Kathryn Reed

A 25-year-old woman from out of town who was attending the SnowGlobe Music Festival was almost raped New Year’s Eve.

South Lake Tahoe police officers did not release the news that there is a would-be rapist either living in the area or who visited town until Jan. 29. Police Chief Brian Uhler said the delay is because they wanted to have a sketch of the suspect before information was released.

Now people are being asked a month after the incident to jar their memory if they have seen the man in the sketch to the left.

It is not known where the suspect is from. Uhler said no other similar incidents in the last month have been reported.

“We don’t have a serial situation in South Lake Tahoe,” Uhler told Lake Tahoe News.

The attempted rape occurred in the neighborhood off Johnson Boulevard, which isn’t far from the concert venue off Al Tahoe Boulevard. According to police, the woman, whose hometown has not been released, accepted a ride from the stranger with the agreement he would drive her to the residence where she was staying.

“The suspect then drove around for about 10 minutes before parking the truck. He explained he was trying to use his GPS to find the house. The suspect then attacked the victim,” Lt. Brain Williams said in a press release. “During the struggle, the suspect was able to pull down the victim’s pants. The victim continued to resist however, ultimately escaping from the suspect and running away. She fled through unfamiliar areas until she was finally able to find her friend’s house.”

The suspect is described as a white male, approximately 25 years old, 5-foot-7, 150 pounds, thin build, with wavy brown hair with about 2 inches on top and 1 inch on the sides. He had about a week’s worth of facial hair.

The pickup he was driving is an older white Ford with manual transmission and black cloth seats.

Anyone with information is asked to call (530) 542.6100 or Secret Witness at (530) 541.6800.




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Comments (27)
  1. Toughen Up says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    It took a month to sketch that, huh? Way to go SLTPD, job well done. Why wasn’t the public informed of the older model white MT ford pickup a month ago? You can get a good look at T-bone, but the police have their heads up their @$$es. We should all be outraged at the disservice.

  2. Toughen Up says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    “We don’t have a serial situation in South Lake Tahoe,” Uhler told Lake Tahoe News.
    justifying just doesn’t cut it Chief.

  3. Concerned citizen says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    SLTPD-Joke, Brian Uhler-Joke, city of SLT-Joke…

  4. DougM says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    News from Snow Globe just gets better and better. Hmmm, wonder how far a head start he’s gotten, after a month. Why wasn’t truck and rough description of him released immediately?

    And uhm, young ladies out there, word to the wise. A ride from a stranger, after midnight, in freezing temperatures? She’s lucky to be alive. She didn’t ask for it. No blaming her. But get real! Speak to your daughters, all. This is just Heavenly. Far from Heaven.

  5. thing fish says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    If this happened on 4th of July, would you feel the need to bring up the date, or the pyrotechnics?

  6. Michael Thompson says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    It does seem like a long time. If the Woman reported it to police right away? I would assume they were looking for the suspect?

    I have not had a favorable opinion of the SLPD for many years. But I do not think its time to jump to the conclusion that they were not active on this from the get go.

    One thought, by not going public the hope may have been to lull the suspect into complacency and stay in they area.

  7. Laketoohigh says - Posted: January 29, 2013

    See Mr. Robben, SLTPD isn’t corrupt.

  8. buster57 says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    how about the kid tha gotin a accident on pioneer and it killed his brother. he was and claimed he wasn’t driving,but the seat belt pattern on his body says different.

  9. Kaffeeman says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    The SnowGlobe music event is turning out to be quite the quality event that our struggling South Lake Tahoe image really needs.

  10. Laketoohigh says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    You redacted my comment? Take out the whole thing but don’t just pick what you want and leave the rest. Would it have helped if I had said they just investigate crime like old people HAVE SEX? Yet it is okay to say they have their heads up their @$$es? If a comment is out of line, kill the whole thing, only printing part of something so that it can be taken out of context is a FOX NEWS move.

  11. ljames says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    well actually this is rather interesting for more than one reason since no one yet has offered a reasonable explaination as to why the young lady found dead along Pioneer Trail had walked in the total opposite direction of where everyone else was going that night. If she had been driven around for some time and then dumped off some time later in the night, or escaped from someone that was detaining her, it would have been very easy as a non resident to be completely disoriented even that close to where she had been.

  12. Dogula says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    laketoohigh (are you?) saying that selective editing is a “fox news move” is not only rude, but ignorant. I would be more likely to call it an MSNBC move, judging by their recent antics with news stories.
    Kae and I have had our go-rounds, but she tends to be pretty fair in her reporting.

  13. Laketoohigh says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    Dogula, think elevation not intoxication. Looks like another opportunity to say “head up @$$es”.

  14. john says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    Sltpd was to busy covering up internal scandal that to handle this case professionally

  15. "HangUpsFromWayBack" says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    Well don’t join the AIR FORCE, rape reported are 832 a year ,but the real figure is somewhere around 1800,the snow globes can’t even factor in such bahavior,but we got pilots that want romp unwiling fellow females, but also got the keys to high tech weapons, crusing the skies ALL OVER THE PLANET.

    Keep your eyes to the skies,you never know what might happen?

  16. toughen up says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    LakeTooHigh-come back down to earth. Don’t blame the admins. Your similes,in both instances, weren’t worth the thought and effort you took to type them.

    Mr. Thompson-If the police’s aim is to lull suspects into complacency, with hopes they stay in the area, they are not earning a paycheck. Laziness should not be tolerated, nor justified, nor compensated.

    Let’s all jog our memories, while this guy is half way to Timbuktu. Well done chief.
    With all the struggling artists in the basin, I am beyond confused why it took a month to sketch that image. When a police officer is grabbing breakfast at Rude Brothers, couldn’t he ask any one of the 4 artists hanging around if they’d be willing to be compensated to do a quick sketch. Instead they are running their SUV, collecting overtime, and not thinking of solutions to local crime, while waiting for a coffee and Rude Awakening.

  17. thing fish says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    “saying that selective editing is a “fox news move” is not only rude, but ignorant. ”

    How so? You can’t call something ignorant without adding any detail.
    Fox is known for selected editing, they have gone to court for their constitutional right to broadcast blatant lies. Some elaboration would be nice, it should be expected from everyone.
    Or is that just something republicans don’t tell themselves so they feel better?

  18. Dogula says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    Fish, I don’t see you offering any specific examples of them broadcasting blatant lies. I don’t watch fox enough to know, but I HAVE see the very selective editing from the alphabet news stations.
    Bush’s national guard records.
    the Trayvon Martin tapes.
    the very creative editing yesterday of the gun control hearings where they accused the conservatives of heckling the dad.
    Oh, and remember how they swore up and down that a teapartier had spat on a Black legislator in DC? They still bring that one up. No evidence, ever. Breitbart offered $100K for any video. Nothing. And news cameras had followed them the whole time.
    Yeah, but fox lies.

  19. Rick says - Posted: January 30, 2013


    Let me take one example. If you watch Fox, one gets a very different view of Trayvon Martin.

    Let’s factually look at this: 1) Marin was a an unarmed 17 year-old African American; 2) he played high school football; 3) was walking legally in a gated community at about 7PM (ish) at night. He was visiting his dad who lives in the community. 4) he was not engaged in any illegal activity (as far as the police are aware). 5) Zimmerman reported Martin’s presence as suspicious; 6) police warned Zimmerman to stay put; 7) Zimmerman left his car where a fight broke out and Zimmerman shot Martin in the chest at close range. 8) Zimmerman has bloody nose and two head lacerations. 9) special prosecutor charges Zimmerman based on the notion that he initiated the confrontation. 10) a trail is scheduled this spring.

    So what are the facts, a unarmed black kid walking legally in a gated community at 7ishpm in the rain, neighborhood watch guy with gun calls police and does not stay put as ordered, fight breaks out, man with gun shoots kid. Police at first do not charge guy with gun, but at a later date special prosecutor charges guy with gun.

    Had Zimmerman not had a gun, he probably would have stayed put, police would have investigated and nothing newsworthy would have happened. Guy with gun, confronts kid, enough testosterone to fill a stadium (football player and guy with gun); football player gets best of guy with gun, guy with gun is bloodied, pulls gun and shoots kid. That is essentially what the special prosecutor believes – time will only tell if they can make the charges stick. In the end. An unarmed kid was killed and regardless of what happens Zimmermans life is ruined. Turned out well didn’t.

    Fox news has portrayed this case very differently. Martin is the evil drug addled black kid that attacked an innocent guy who just happened to have a gun. Now you know why thinking adults do not watch Fox, unless they are watching John Stewart or The Colbert Report skewer them for their hypocrisy.


  20. John says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    Rick, I think your description is as rational as any I have read. But has a crime been committed. Stupidity was committed…but unfortunately that is not a crime. At the point Zimmerman got beaten, he could have started fearing for his life, and well, then gun play is fair game.

    Now your other point, Zimmerman’s life is ruined. And it should be. He should be a pariah. As much as I like guns I dont want the responsibility of a CCW. If a person uses a gun in self defense the best case scenario is it will cost over $10k in lawyer costs. If there is any questions about the shooting it will cost over $100k and possibly life in prison. Why would anyone want that responsibility when the statistical likelyhood of needing a gun is less than the chance of getting struck by lightening.

  21. Rick says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    John I agree. Sadly we guys are driven by our testosterone way to much. I think, some guys watch shoot em ups and instead of like me do so for some light entertainment, they do so as a training film.

    Teenagers are known for using poor judgement, but sadly so are many adults. Look at all of the DUIs – the case of Adam Rose is one example of an adult using poor judgement. Zimmerman is another.

    Many adults do not consider the consequences of their actions. Zimmerman should have relied on law enforcement as no identifiable crime had been committed – I have to believe his testosterone got the best of him and now he will suffer. Fox can make a hero out of him and get more advertising $$, but Zimmerman’s life is ruined. News agencies had a field day – but I see no victors here – simply a dead kid, and a guy whose life will be forever shattered.


  22. Laketoohigh says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    People please. All I was trying to say was if you are going to edit a comment, omit the whole thing instead of redacting only a portion. That way there can be no misunderstanding of the intent of the message. For instance (pay attention here Dogula) Fox News omitting everything Hillary said after “What difference does it make now!”
    Rude on the other hand is assuming someone who has views that are different than yours is high on drugs.
    Toughen up, let’s not play the “my simile is better than your simile” game. Bottom line is we both agree we are not getting the police/community communication we deserve. No serial situation? If there HAD been one, when would we have found out? After one of our wives, daughters or mothers were the victim? A month to do a scetch? Come on Man!

  23. toughen up says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    It is OUTRAGEOUS! The suspect has a month head start on our community. Everyone on here would rather deflect attention elsewhere. If I preformed my job with such a blatant disregard for timeliness, I would be standing in the unemployment line. Hoodwinked by our civil servants.

  24. Rick says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    toughen up, it does make one wonder what they were doing all of this time. Possibly (though I doubt it) they have been quietly following leads to find this guy. They had a description of the truck, so why wasn’t a general description, noting the vehicle he was driving not put out as soon as the crime was reported (or shortly thereafter)?


  25. John says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    Rick I think its so the suspect doesnt know that the police have a vehicle description and so then they keep the vehicle. This is pretty common, the police dont really need citizens help very often.

  26. John says - Posted: January 30, 2013

    By the way, I made all that up. I have no idea what I am talking about concerning police work.