Loop road alternatives to be unveiled next week

The leading alternatives for the loop road through the South Shore as determined by attendees of two public workshops as well as next steps will be presented by the Tahoe Transportation District at an open house on Dec. 13 from 4-6pm at Harveys, Emerald Bay B Room, Stateline.

Information on the various alternatives, including goals, benefits and associated costs will be presented.

For more info, call (775) 589.5500.

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  1. Tom Wendell says - Posted: December 5, 2012

    This process is very important as the Loop Road / Hole issue present us with the most significant opportunity to plan and undertake a massive redevelopment project that is vital to updating the dated bed base portion of town that currently sports an almost 11 acre hole where a failed project has left a fenced off concrete forest. It is absolutely VITAL for us to move forward with this project as the tourism model of the 21st century demands better facilities that are in harmony with their surroundings. We don’t currently meet that standard and will continue to “lurch from crisis to crisis instead of recognizing the opportunities and challenges of the future” as voiced by futurist Alvin Toffler.

    I feel very strongly that a community sourced and honed plan to reinvent the area between Mt. Bleu / Horizon on the NV. side and roughly between Pioneer Trail / Hwy. 50 and Ski Run Blvd. /Hwy. 50. in CA. will benefit the lake, the economy on both sides of the stateline, the community and our future. It doesn’t mean we stop there, but this large swath of 60-70’s era infrastructure and unfinished projects represents a massive opportunity to leverage public / private partnerships to resurrect and modernize this vital economic hotspot of our community.

  2. Ryan Payne says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    The HOLE should be an outdoor event center with retail at street level. Enough with the outdoor concert series being held in a parking lot!!! We have an opportunity to create a world class venue to attract world class entertainment and events. From concerts to monster trucks to extreme sporting events to THE OLYMPICS….

    A convention center? Whose stupid idea was that anyway? The casinos all have convention centers and what kind of draw do they create?

    A hotel or timeshare? Like there isn’t enough lodging in Tahoe….

    An outdoor event center is what I say… Anybody have a better idea?

  3. Robert says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    Put under ground parking, install a huge ferris wheel that people would be able to see the lake from and make the rest of the area into a park! A huge wheel would bring tourists.

  4. Bob says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    There’s not enough room for a monster truck in that hole. And besides the loop road project is just that. A project for bored government employees who have been wasting tax dollars for over 30 yrs to keep themselves in a job. That project will never be approved.

  5. Drew says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    This loop road project is joke as the Hole is.If the loop road is done the way it is planed,we’ll have hugh problems in the near furture and state line will look like a bus stop in down town Reno,auto accidents will go up by 30%,above all a contractor from reno or socal gets the job and dosen’t hire any local workers and by local I mean lake Tahoe and not union workers from reno or socal,so the money gose to where?
    Then again in 5 years after the loop roads project is determined a total failure,they can come back and get paid again to realine it once more,for even more money,sounds like goverment.Hotel owners think they’ll benefit from this as in more rooms filled,LOL tri fixing up your properties first and lowering prices,we are in a economic down fall ,not a road problem and think if people have money to spend,then a realined loop road is what to them?Straw dogs that is all it is.

  6. Steve says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    Sell the hole to an Indian tribe, let them declare sovereignty, and build a casino on the CA side of the border right there in the “entertainment district”. Negotiate financial concessions to benefit the City and county. More competition would improve the overall product and provide local government needed funding and residents jobs.

    Rerouting Highway 50 should be done only if funded by the casinos in that area that would benefit.

  7. Terry says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    Hey Drew! How you doing? So an outdoor concert venue that does not capitalize on being near the Lake with Lake views and access…will be just another concert Venue. Lake Tahoe is a world class destination…and needs to act the part. Reagarding the loop road..I noticed a bicylcist was killed in the traffic circle roundabout in Truckee last week. I also noticed the new roundabout at the bottom of Mt. Rose Hiway at Incline. Others may disagree with me, but these roundabouts are really bad news in snow or mountain country. Don’t put the dam things in at South Shore and encourage others to get rid of them.

  8. John says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    Steve, gaming is down across the nation, well not down as much as diluted…but you want more gaming? Really?

  9. Rick says - Posted: December 6, 2012

    Terry, I admit to not being a traffic engineer, but roundabouts are very common and popular throughout Europe, particularly in mountainous snow country like Switzerland. So I suspect your opinion is one based on perception and not an empirically driven analysis. Enjoy Rick

  10. Hang Ups From Way Back says - Posted: December 7, 2012

    Most locals both old and young more less think no matter what they do they will do more harm that Good.

    There’s yet to be any ideas that will bring tourist dollars year round,that’s why we call it the Mountains.You go south in the winter ,come north in the blazing summer.

    A SMART business person should know you close shop here in winter go south to another warm paradise ,open shop there,return like the geese do in the summer.

  11. Careaboutthecommunity says - Posted: December 7, 2012

    I like the Ferris Wheel idea, and agree with dropping the lodging, we already have too much, if we have to have lodging to get it done, maybe keep it small scale, and very exclusive, like under 40 units, some of which can sleep up to 20 (or expand from lock off rooms to 20). Basically do something different than we already have, so we pull in more tourists, not just shuffle the same ones around.

  12. Old Long Skiis says - Posted: December 7, 2012

    The proposed loop road? I’m not in favor of it at all. Hurts business in the area and displaces too many people that live in the path of the bulldozer.
    Ryan has the right idea. I say fill in the hole with dirt and build a small park and amphitheater with tiered seating for outdoor concerts(Kind of like El Dorado Beach!)Put in some public restrooms, and a small concession stand, some picnic tables, campground style barbecue set-ups and we’re good to go!
    Sure, Harvey’s puts on some good shows
    but it’s in a frickin’ parking lot for crying out loud!
    No! to the loop road and yes! to a public park and amphitheater! Don’t spend 70 million on a road that will only further hurt our town. Put that money into something that will actually HELP So. Shore and not divert dollars away from it!
    Sure this would be a costly venture but as the old saying goes, “It takes money to make money”. Lets just try to do something that helps our hard working people and is a benefit for the city of South Lake Tahoe!
    Old Long Skiis

  13. Ryan Payne says - Posted: December 9, 2012

    A Ferris wheel? Really??? And a park?

    A Ferris wheel has a very singular purpose with an even more limited capacity. In addition, how would that be better than the view from the gondola? We also have plenty of open space for parks and other under-utilized areas to fill any voids in that area.

    Besides, the HOLE is located at a prime commercial location.

    I love the idea of underground parking, but a large-scale outdoor event center would require more than that could provide. Luckily, there is already an under-utilized parking facility nearby which just happens to be owned by the city! Win-win?

    Although there IS plenty of room for a monster truck event, my point is that we could CREATE a venue that has the ability to draw a multitude of event possibilities. Think extreme snowmobile and motocross jump contests, Vans Warped Tours, global concert events, and dare I repeat? The Winter Olympics!…. The upper levels and VIP boxes complete with lake views. The construction: GREEN!!! A real testament to the hospitality and true nature of this community!

    One more thing,… this OUTDOOR EVENT CENTER could also be the perfect home for a true TAHOE DISCOVERY CENTER residing within the structure which would be another perfect complement to attract the masses. Think BIG, people!!! And in a way that will benefit the entire community, instead of just some developer, their cronies, or the wealthy elite….

    As for the LOOP ROAD, the only reason for that right now is to steer people away from the HOLE!!! Note to the powers that be: Get your priorities straight. Fix what is broken first. The highway has been there and has been functional for quite some time now…. Oh, and pull your head out and stop thinking of yourselves and your interests.