Former member appointed to LTUSD board of education

By Kathryn Reed

Barbara Bannar is returning to the Lake Tahoe Unified School District board of education.

She was selected Tuesday by the board to fill the seat that was abruptly vacated by Judy Cefalu on June 26.

Five people vied for the position that expires in December 2013.

Barbara Bannar is returning to the LTUSD board staring Aug. 21. Photo/Kathryn Reed

The sitting board members praised Bannar and Kathy Haven the most for their knowledge of the district and involvement with education. But they also said it was refreshing to have such a qualified field of candidates. The other candidates were Mark Bissonnette, Cathy Giardina and Heather Clelan.

While the deliberations were in public, the voting was by secret ballot. There were three votes for Bannar and one for Haven. When it came time to vote on Bannar joining the board it was unanimous.

Each of the candidates was asked the same 10 questions and then was able to make a comment at the end.

It was pointed out how current board members Sue Novasel and Larry Green tried to be appointed as provisional board members and failed; but won when they ran for election. This was said to those who didn’t get appointed so they might be encouraged to run in the future.

Bannar was on the board from 2004-08. She ran for re-election in 2008 and lost by three votes to Larry Green. Now she will be a colleague of his.

During her 20-minute interview before the board Bannar said she would want to run for a full term in November 2013.

“I really am thrilled to be back on the board and be working with everyone at the school district,” Bannar told Lake Tahoe News after the vote.

Bannar will be sworn in at the Aug. 21 meeting. She already has one meeting under her belt because she stayed for the Aug. 7 meeting.





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