LTN tidbit 25: Readers are why we do what we do

May is 31 tidbits about Lake Tahoe News month.

LTN tidbit No. 25:

Without readers, everything we do would be pointless.

That is why we would like to take this time to thank all of you for being part of Lake Tahoe News. You may never write a comment, or send in a press release, or suggest a story, or even know anyone at LTN personally, but you are the most important part of LTN.

In the last month, we have had more than 64,000 visits to the site. A person can only be recorded once per IP address, so we can’t log in and off and in again to inflate those numbers. And about one-third are unique visitors. This means it’s their first time reading LTN. That one-third has been consistent, which means we keep turning people into regular readers of Lake Tahoe News.

Readers come from more than 100 countries and more than 3,000 cities.

Thank you for being part of the Lake Tahoe News family.

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  1. Phil Blowney says - Posted: May 25, 2012

    I have enjoyed the fact that LTN gives everyone the chance for a voice on almost any subject! All the years of comments and letters to the editor to our “daily” newspaper you usually did not make it in as there was perhaps a page or less devoted to public comments .
    I imagined a response page that you could ask the “professional” your question and the person that knew the true answer would respond . LTN kind of does that even tho you might not get more than just another opinion that is not fact checked, it at least creates a conversation about a topic.
    Heres one for ya. Hot August nights is coming on a proper weekend this year August 3-5th. I know of no special effort to provide a better experience than last year for music and special attractions to the car entheusiasts? The Harveys venue outdoors is not being utilized again for this event.There must be many sixties and seventies groups out there looking for work and combining a few like the Journey , Pat Benitar and Loverboy concert might attract people? The Beach Boys will be here on another weekend? I am sure there are reasons why Tahoe does not totally embrace HAN but Reno does and I will be there for four days spending lots of bucks. Anyone out there love those cars like me?