Law enforcement to be out in force on Cinco de Mayo

The Avoid the 6 – El Dorado County DUI Task Force will be deploying DUI saturation patrols throughout a number of cities supporting routine DUI patrols on May 5 starting at 7pm.

Additionally, CHP will be deploying saturation patrols onto freeways and in unincorporated county jurisdictions to stop, test and arrest impaired drivers who fail to use a designated driver.

Cinco de Mayo is a special opportunity to gather with friends and co-workers for chips, salsa and margaritas, celebrating California’s rich cultural diversity. It is also a night when dangerous and often deadly outcomes occur because another impaired driver hits the road drunk.

Local venues are planning special reduced rates for drinks creating the probability for even higher numbers of intoxicated drivers for a Saturday night. DUI statistics indicate the greatest number of DUI deaths and injuries occur late Saturday night and early Sunday morning which is why law enforcement will be out in force as a deterrent.


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  1. Hangs Ups From Way Back says - Posted: May 1, 2012

    Sure be nice if they send a few patrols around to the regular troubled neighborhoods where the party never ends for starters,that sure help the sound barrier.