California lawmaker proposes limiting out-of-state, foreign students at UCs

By Tanya Caldwell, New York Times

A California lawmaker is proposing to limit the number of international and out-of-state students who can enroll at University of California campuses.

The 10 campuses that make up the U.C. system — including selective universities like Berkeley and the University of California, Los Angeles — would be prohibited from enrolling more than 10 percent of non-Californians as members of the freshman class. The proposed California Students First Act, which was introduced by Senator Michael J. Rubio, a Democrat from Shafter, Calif., would also cap undergraduate enrollment of nonresidents at 10 percent.

The measure, which was introduced last week, would ensure that California students had a “fair shot” at attending the public universities, Mr. Rubio said, “and not be turned away simply because a wealthy student from the East Coast or abroad shows up with a checkbook in hand.”

In the fall of 2012, international and out-of-state students made up more than 23 percent of the freshman class on U.C. campuses, more than double the 11.5 percent of non-Californians who enrolled in 2009. In contrast, more California students are applying to these state universities, competing for seats on the U.C. system campuses.

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  1. grannylou says - Posted: May 28, 2012

    In Australia the second highest gnp is from foreign students paying to attend their schools and universities! Maybe we could learn something from them? If we hiked our college tuition for the foreign students that would bring needed money into the state education coffers!