El Dorado County judge faces 2 challengers

By Carlos Alcalá, Sacramento Bee

As a rule, Superior Court judge elections are, well, sober as a judge.

Incumbents frequently return to the bench without facing a substantial challenge at the polls.

The race for Office 7 in El Dorado Superior Court is different, with two challengers – Joseph Hoffman and Stephen W. Valentine – taking on incumbent Judge Warren Stracener.

None of the candidates will directly criticize his opponents on the record, but it appears clear the challengers consider Stracener vulnerable.

Stracener was appointed in late 2010 as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger prepared to leave office.

He worked in the Department of Personnel Administration for two decades and had a role in the furlough fights under Schwarzenegger. That has marked him as something of an outsider, he said.

“People assume because you’ve been appointed by someone from Sacramento, you must be lock step with those values,” he said.

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Comments (2)
  1. JoAnn says - Posted: April 8, 2012

    Stracener over Valentine ANY day! Watched Valentine in action and he is definitely no sweetheart in my opinion. I felt he was one of the most arrogant, discriminatory “judges” I have ever seen. Would not be a plus for the citizens!

  2. Alex Campbell says - Posted: April 8, 2012

    Now that we know Supe.Ron Briggs supports
    Judge Stracener,will Briggs to nowhere’s
    sponsor Jack Sweeney join in along with RaY Ray.
    What does the Briggs property where the bridge to nowhere goes, look like today?
    Did it work out??
    John,Sam,Dave,Hal Anyone Please.