Cost to travel by plane continues to soar

By Charisse Jones, USA Today

If you’re flying this summer, you’ll probably pay more than you did last year. And the price for a ticket to ride will likely keep rising for months to come.

Summer fares for trips in the USA are up 3 percent on average over last year and 18 percent compared with 2010, according to booking site Travelocity.

It is going to cost more this summer compared to a year ago. Photo/LTN

The increase is steeper for international trips, with the average ticket costing 20 percent more than it did two years ago.

Airlines will likely push prices as high as they can, fare watchers say. “I would expect about a hike attempt a month, with about half being successful,” says Rick Seaney of, which tracks ticket prices.

Airlines already have tried to boost fares six times this year, and three have succeeded, Seaney says. The next attempt likely will come before Memorial Day, the start of the prime summer travel season.

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  1. Hangs Ups From Way Back says - Posted: April 30, 2012

    OMG!!, what’s our airport going to do now,our soon to be 8 seater AIRLINES might cost more,guess it’s time to throw in the towel?