South Tahoe park begins with pomp and circumstance

By Kathryn Reed

Eighteen-month-old Morrison Scott didn’t care who all those people talking were, why they had funny hats on or that there were super shiny shovels standing in fresh dirt.

Nope. What this little South Lake Tahoe resident cares about is having a place to run around in. She lives about a block and a half away from what will be the Bonanza Park. Right now the closest place for her to go play at is Tahoe Valley Elementary School – and at her age, that’s quite a hike. Plus, during school, she’s not allowed.

Brandon Hill of Edgewood Companies talks about the future Bonanza Park. Photos/Kathryn Reed

Her dad, Creighton, brought Morrison to Monday night’s ground breaking of the park that they are both looking forward to being built.

“It will be somewhere to go to keep her busy,” the elder Scott said.

Of the approximately 60 people at the April 30 event, about half were from the local neighborhood. The rest were people who praised each other for making the park a reality.

With May 1 being the initial day of building per Tahoe Regional Planning Agency rules, it means the heavy lifting can begin.

Long gone is the old C&M Lodge, though an old sign rests against a tree not far from a heavy piece of construction equipment.

Edgewood Companies had bought the property so it would have ownership of the tourist accommodations units. The city allowed for those to be transferred to Stateline for the Edgewood Lodge project if the company would build the park. Once it is finished this summer the city will take over ownership.

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