Search and rescue training brings mega-helicopters to Tahoe

Don’t be alarmed if you see and hear Blackhawk helicopters today. It’s all in the name of training.

A big search and rescue training event is going on Sunday at Vikingsholm where medics will be working as though there are victims on the cliff.

The public will not be allowed in the area.

— Lake Tahoe News staff report


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Comments (4)
  1. Dogula says - Posted: February 12, 2012

    One just flew overhead. Those things are SO cool.

  2. earl zitts says - Posted: February 13, 2012

    If you want to see real mega-copters come to the annual “Lake in the Sky Airshow” at the end of August at the South Lake Tahoe Airport. In addition to giant helicopters like the CH-53E there will be front line fighters and so much more. The aerobatics are outstanding. Do not miss this great show
    attended by so many of our local community.

  3. Jim Hildinger says - Posted: February 13, 2012

    Yes, I support the military, but what a rotten idea to ruin a half day of peace and quiet in Emerald Bay (the 2nd most photographed area in the US according to Kodak) on a gorgeous Sunday. The down draft from those infernally noisy machines even collapsed my spinnaker.
    The military has from here to Mojave to make those practice exercises – why Emerald Bay?
    Jim Hildinger

  4. Chief Slowroller says - Posted: February 13, 2012

    it’s to bad that we can’t go watch what they are doing