RAOK: Newcomer finds kindness from long-time residents

Lisa Sinizer nominated her neighbors Suzy and Rob Krzaczek for being so neighborly — especially with being new to the area.

As Lake Tahoe News’ latest Random Acts of Kindness winner, the Krzaczeks will be receiving two tickets to ride the Tahoe Queen during one of the paddle-wheeler’s day cruises.

To read all the entries for the past month, go to the top of the page. Under the Random Acts of Kindness category is a story from each day this month. The promotion ends in a few days, but we hope the kindness continues.

To participates, write about the kindness that has been done to you, the kindness you have seen or the kindness you have done. It can be as simple as opening a door or helping clear snow, or a bit more grand like turning in nearly $1,000 or giving a lift to a stranger.


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  1. Paula says - Posted: January 27, 2012

    I have the Hero/Random Act of Kindness to match none! Last night my car got stuck on an icy/snowy portion of a local road. My 13 yr old daughter and I got out to push and I really thought we could get it to the flat portion without someone behind the wheel to apply breaks. Well, that didn’t work! My car started sliding backwards, daughter jumped out of way and I stayed to try and make car stop and not hit a parked truck. My neighbor, Ellen Booker, and her son came to assist, brought me into their home to make sure all was okay. I had been caught between the cars and heard something crack so wasn’t sure of my injuries. The Sheriff Deputy came across the car off the road, came into the house and called the paramedic for me. Ellen opened her home to 2 paramedics, 2 firemen, 1 CHP and 1 ELDSO and my daughter and me. She then took me to Barton and stayed with us in the ER for over 3 hours and then took us home! Ellen is awesome and very deserving of any kudos to come her way, as is her son. He tried to get my car out of the bank then engineered and assisted the tow truck and all other vehicles that came by. Thank you to the Bookers!