RAOK: Neighbor comes to the rescue

Ellen Booker  isn’t a superhero, but her actions this week came close. And Paula Peterson is around to write about the ordeal.

Ellen is Lake Tahoe News’ latest Random Acts of Kindness winner  for helping her neighbor Paula out when her car got stuck on an icy South Shore road. Read all about it on yesterday’s RAOK story. All the stories posted this month for the promotion are under the Random Acts of Kindness category at the top of the page.

Ellen will be receiving an one-hour business consultation session with Knox & Associates as well as the new book about Steve Jobs.

Random Acts of Kindness is Lake Tahoe News’ way to promote kindness. Small, medium, big — it doesn’t matter the size of the kindness, or even what it is. All that matters is that kindness is beginning to spread throughout the community and beyond.

Write about a RAOK you have witnessed, you have received or you have given at the bottom of this story. Then you will be in the running for one of the many kind gifts local businesses have donated.

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  1. local mom says - Posted: January 28, 2012

    I have to share that my husband was kind enough to ask the neighbor if they wanted their snow blown off their driveway, they are weekenders, with a north facing driveway…. and they had a furniture delivery arrive when he came home for lunch…..they declined and said they have a snow blower…..but it made me smile to know that he asked out of kindness expecting them to say yes and him to spend his entire lunch doing the job!

  2. Carmela Bechtol says - Posted: January 28, 2012

    I love all the stories of kindness we are seeing. Every time I read one I think of the kindest person I know – Nancy Ziegler. She recently walked into work carrying three huge ceramic pots that she purchased for me because she knew I liked gardening and they made her think of me. But Nancy’s kindness is constant – taking an elderly neighbor to Reno to visit his sick wife in the hospital, calling a co-worker daily after surgery to check on him, and it goes on. For Nancy, it’s “just what she does,” but it makes me strive to be more like her.