RAOK: From school mascot to restaurant diner


Pedro Kinner will soon be eating at Echo Restaurant inside Embassy Suites in South Lake Tahoe.

This is because he is Lake Tahoe News’ latest Random Acts of Kindness winner and Echo donated a $25 gift certificate.

Every day people are doing Random Acts of Kindness, are the recipient of one or witness one. Lake Tahoe News is providing a forum for people to share those experiences. Local businesses are supplying the rewards.

It’s free and easy to participate — and it’s going on all month.

There is no limit to the number of times you can submit an entry. To do so, write about the Random Act of Kindness at the bottom of this story. Winners are picked randomly.

For more details about Random Acts of Kindness and the few rules associated with it, check out this story.


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  1. local mom says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    We are very lucky that many of the parents and families at our son’s school volunteer their time and talents! one such parent is John Friedrich. He volunteers his time to lead the kids in our son’s class in music every week. Our son loves John and getting to bang on the drums or shake the music makers and he sings the songs they learn all the time! I am not sure if this is a Random Act as it is something John does weekly, but we as a family, appreciate it in our daily lives, with the random rhythm and music we get from what seems like nowhere from our 5 year old! Thanks John!

  2. Info says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    Some of these RAOKs seem so grand compared to what I witness regularly. I don’t know if I could let a complete stranger in my car, but know I would want to be helped. It’s making me think twice about truly being kind. I find all the comments this week to be random acts of kindness in themselves.

  3. Kae says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    I was just at the main post office in South Lake Tahoe. The person in front of me was 6 cents short. The postal employee said someone had left a dime and would take the 6 cents out of that. I told the employee I’d like to nominate her for LTN’s Random Acts of Kindness. While she doesn’t want her name used or to be nominated, I want to share her kindness and hope it spreads.

  4. Janice Eastburn says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    Whenever I see someone who is requesting money (like on the street or in a parking lot) I give them a warm greeting and give them some money and/or some food. If they have a dog, and circumstances allow, I will get treats for the dog. It hurts my heart to see people having to “beg”. I do realize some of these people will likely spend the money on drugs or alcohol but how do I know that? I would rather help everyone I encounter than try to decide which ones actually “need” the money.

    Kudos Kae. This is a great way to start the new year!

  5. dogwoman says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    To Janice: I don’t give money, I always carry McDonald’s gift cards. McD’s is everywhere, you can get a meal for under $5, and even if they DO trade the card for money/drugs/alcohol, at least it’s a little more work for them to accomplish it!

  6. geeper says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    Janice and Dogwoman, I ask them to tell me a joke then help them out.

  7. Sandy says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    My neighbor told me she put down my garage door this morning when she saw it up and knocked and knew I was at work. Thank you!

  8. deb howard says - Posted: January 5, 2012

    What a great forum, who’s wonderful idea was this?
    And thank you, enjoyable reading. Good night.