RAOK: A clear driveway creates neighborhood bond

A theme seems to be developing with Random Acts of Kindness — snow.

Rebecca Wass is Lake Tahoe News’ latest Random Acts of Kindness winner for recognizing the efforts a neighbor puts forth in helping keep her driveway clear of snow. She will be receiving two books that Bona Fide Books in Meyers has published.

Random Acts of Kindness is January’s promotion on Lake Tahoe News that is all about spreading kindness. We want people to do kind things and recognize. Right about those RAOKs at the bottom of each story that will be posted for the rest of the month.

Winners are picked randomly. Everyone receives a gift from one of the kind businesses that have donated to RAOK.

There are a few rules associated with Random Acts of Kindness. If you want to read them, check out this story.

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  1. Lisa says - Posted: January 26, 2012

    My neighbor S.K. should absolutely be given a special notice for RAOK! When we first came to the neighborhood as second home owners a few years ago, we found a place where nearly everyone had lived for many years. They could have viewed us as “one of them” (newbies from the Bay Area) and left us to our own devices. Instead, everyone was friendly, introducing themselves (and their dogs of course) and sharing local information. At one point, I needed help taking a heavy piece of furniture from my car and SK’s family immediately offered to help. When I thanked them, the response I got was “That’s what neighbors do!”. Several weeks later, when I asked her if I could hire her son to check mousetraps when we were gone and her response? “No, but he will check them for free, that’s what neighbors do.” They keep an eye on our house when we are gone, offer to help whenever needed and bring by great baked goodies on the holidays. All this because “That’s what neighbors do”, even when those neighbors have just moved in! Thanks to SK and family.