Doctor trading care for canned foods

South Shore chiropractor Joshua Welch is working for food.

Safe Haven Chiropractic in Meyers is conducting a food drive now through Nov. 23 to help the community.

Welch is exchanging chiropractic care for five non-perishable food items that will be given to a local charity. Current, new or reactivating patients and families will receive a chiropractic adjustment for their donation.

This support is near and dear to Welch because during college, living on school loans and supporting a wife and three kids, he was offered help.

“You never know how much your community support means until you one day you have to take care your family but have no way to do it,” Welch said in a press release.

Call Welch at (530) 577.5433 to schedule an appointment.

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  1. TahoClimbr says - Posted: November 17, 2011

    While this is a worthy cause and thoughtful idea, the fact that this post includes the words “Doctor” and “Care” when referring to a chiropractor is misleading. Let’s save the term “doctor” for those who have attended medical school. I myself hold a doctorate in a health field, however, it would be irresponsible for me to call myself a Doctor when speaking about my profession. This designation holds a strong meaning, and when you call yourself a “doctor”, you should be aware of what that means to others. You should also look at the California Law regarding who is legally allowed to use the term “doctor” and who is not. Are you a “doctor” or a “chiropractor”? There is a big difference.