Property values decline in El Dorado County, rise in state


By Rick Daysog, Sacramento Bee

Property assessments declined 2.9 percent in the four-county Sacramento area during the 2011-12 fiscal year, underscoring the continued weakness in the local real estate market.

Figures released by the state Board of Equalization on Tuesday show that assessed values in Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer and Yolo counties fell by about $6.5 billion to $220.2 billion during the most recent fiscal year.

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  1. PubWorksTV says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    Center of the storm.

    Who’da thunk it.

    Liberal verses conservitive. Right here In the 4 county region the battle will focus. America will turn it’s back on Sacramento group think liberalism and return to free market capitalism.

    A tail of two states. Cali is set to lose big time.

    El Dorado County turns out to be part of the center of the cronified crcesspool of liberalism, more akin to third world countries.

    SLT with it’s 17 pecent unemployment is a reflection of liberal failure.

  2. Bob Rockwell says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    Liberals are the cause for declining property values?? Hmmm… and all along I thought it was large unregulated corporations and financial companies with there schemes and scams and their bought and paid for conservative puppet politicians that were to blame.
    To PubWorksTV, please explain how liberals are the ones responsible for a faltering economy.I’m curious to hear your rationale for such a preposetrous notion.
    Signed, Old Liberal Bob

  3. PubWorksTV says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    Old liberal bob.

    Who told you big business is conservitive?

    Warren buffit. Goldman Sachs. Facebook.

    Very liberal organizations bent on selective regulation to control competition.

    As for explaining anything to you …

    That’s my point dude, America gets to watch the liberal state of California wither and collapse.

    Time for educating the libs on Cali is over.

    Now we watch the results instead of listening to uninformed stupid liberal arguments.

    Just results.

    Oh yea you might want to educate yourself on the housing crash. Freddy – Fanny are lib groups. So yoU Know what you are talking about.

    Bye bye for now.



  4. Bob Rockwell says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    I still don’t make the connection between liberals and falling house prices. I looked up Freddy and Fannie as you suggested but didn’t see anything too liberal there.
    I’ve always thought of Exxon / Mobil (who pays no federal income tax)as a conservative leaning company. The same goes for Boeing, Caterpiller,AIG, B of A, Citigroup…. and on and on. They pay little or no taxes and all lobby heavily the consevative politicians for favorable legislation,despite the economic or enviormental ramifcations to the public at large.
    Yes I have paid close attention to the drop in housing prices as I’ve been a homeowner for a long time here on So. Shore. There’s lots of factors that brought about this decline but liberalism isn’t one of them.
    I was wondering what GBA and THWC meant. I’m usually good at acronyms and word games but those two have me stumped. Here’s a couple for you …SLTRL and TOFN.I’ll give you the secret answer later. Old Liberal Bob

  5. PubWorksTV says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    Old liberal bob.

    I suggested you educate yourself not look them up.

    Like I said before, instead of talk we get to see the results. I can’t stand reading liberal dribble.

    Just watch bob. Decades of liberal decay is bringing California down. If you don’t see it that way, well I couldn’t care less. That’s your problem not mine.

    That’s all bob. Talk bugs me. I judge results.

    Bye bye now.

    No bailing you guys out.

  6. John says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    Whats funny is both you guys think it was a government thing that led to the collapse of the housing market. It wasn’t. It was much much bigger than anything the government could concoct and is based in the international money supply, ratings, derivatives socialism and capitalism. There is no smoking gun, there are a hundred little puffs of smoke. Each necessary to result in what we have now.

    PubWorks hates government but thinks congress has the collective wisdom to cause this? Not a chance.

  7. PubWorksTV says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    Bob, you have me only part way.

    I don’t hate gov. I agree with you it was/is much bigger.

    Crony capitalism is business – big and small belling up to the tax bar. Currupted capitalism. I don’t hate but I think Prison is appropriate.

    The collution of “business” with government is not “free market” capitalism.

    I don’t think congress could solve a clogged toilet. Where do you get that?

    At Harvard this month there is a symposium of sorts on how the founders invissioned the process of amending the constitution and even exploring the process of holding a second Constitutional convension. Interesting.

    The people run this place as far as I am concerned. And Everybody loves a convension. Let’s do it.

  8. PubWorksTV says - Posted: September 7, 2011

    I am on a cell phone and see I butchered the word collusion – maybe others?